Thursday, December 15, 2005

Southwest Regional Spaceport

Now that New Mexico has got the drop on us, I'm just waiting to hear about Atlanta's response to the coming spacerace. 'Cause you know Atlanta's gonna be in on this thing as soon as any kind of real profit margin can be determined.

Now my imagination is rife with questions. If we were to have a Spaceport like this in the South, where would we put it and what would we name it?

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Dante said...

I hope Atlanta doesn't get involved here. I can see it now. It's be called Hartwell-Lanier-King-Franklin-Campbell Interstellar Spaceport. Sure you can get to the space station, but you have to walk through Underground Atlanta first. The buses for the Spaceport are just past the buses for the Braves games. Also, keep in mind that high level Spaceport positions are given only to the mayor's friends. And watch out if you're in the Spaceport parking lot, I hear the security guards there get a little violent at times. You can file a complaint or even sue if you get beat up, but their jobs are well-protected so still be on your toes.

Hartsfield is a craphole compared to every other airport I've ever been to (and I've been to Love Field). I hope if the South gets their clutches on a Space Station, it is kept far from Atlanta. Besides, with the projected cost of a space flight being very steep, I imagine these Spaceports (if there are ever more than one) will stay in less populated areas that people fly to and from (like the New Mexico desert).