Monday, December 12, 2005

Update on the Maye Case

Glenn Reynolds hammers the point home with his Main Stream Media (MSM) outlet on MSNBC here, so if this is some hoax or is based on ill informed bloggers, this very important legal and conservative pundit's reputation will suffer. I've read him for a long time, and though Mr. Reynolds and I disagree on matters mostly political, his sources are usually very good.

He again points us to the Agitator, who is filling in for the Main Stream Media in reporting this case. Plenty more information to be found here.

So I guess the answer to the comment string that goes with our earlier post has more to do with trust of bloggers as journalists vs trust of Main Stream Media. Remember, with Weblogs, we, the people, are our own journalists. Just like MSM, we will have folks we trust and folks we don't. Unlike the MSM, bloggers are their own editors and can publish whatever they want. That is, of course, a double edged sword.

But look at the MSM right now, focusing on the simple celebrity of Tookie Williams' case, and nary a peep about Mr. Maye down in Mississippi.

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Dante said...

The problem I had with the initial links to this story isn't that it was information from a blog, but that ALL references but one (the TV story) led back to the same blog as the source. From the look of things, the same blog is still the only source material we have.

Sorry for not being clear earlier, but the problem I had with the blogs I found earlier were that they all pointed back to the Agitator articles as their only source of information (with the occasional blog also pointing to the TV article).

In the Agitator, the most informative pieces of the story come from the interview with the prosecutor. That interview was a list of questions that the prosecutor answered. Then comments were added to those answers that the prosecutor either did not or could not respond to, making the interview a bit one-sided.

I don't have any problem with a blog being a source of information. Much like talk radio, blogs largely exist because some information is not easily available elsewhere (ex. in the MSM). I do have a problem with one news source of any kind being the only source of information for the most interesting portions of this news piece.