Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Athens Blogosphere

(Or, Do I Know Any of These Folks?)

I shoulda seen this comin'.

I shoulda.

Funny that I had to go all the way to a Georgia politics page to run across one of these cats. Then you start following the links and thar she blows.

Personally, I lived in Athens for seven years, and there was never that much news.

I take that back. Yeah, there was. Creswell Hall could have had a blog for every wing of all 9 floors.

I think about what would have happened had I discovered Blogger back in 2003, before I skipped town for Island City, and I wonder where I'd be today.

Athens Politics started my linky business. They have a post dated today giving props to Molly Ivins for saying Hillary Clinton should not be President...'cause she ain't liberal enough. Good readin'. SAWB, you may want to make contact with this "Dawg Corleone" fella...

Then we have Athens 101, which you actually have to register for. But you can vote for your favorite coffee house on their frontpage.

The all encompassing page is Athensworld and they have Athensworld - Blogger.

The aptly named Bored Athenians. Any wagers as to the content of this one before clicking over? You may be surprised.

Then there are the people links that appear on more than one of the above pages. I can only wager as these folks are either well connected or blogosphere progenitors or both. Then again, they could just be linked based on their names.


Big Gray or Bigg Ray?

And you can't have an Athens Party without a Quadruple Keg Stand.

I'll have to read more on Safe As Houses to figure this one out.

And the Ph.D candidate shows up on Thought Struggle.

I'm sure there are many, many more. But the Athens family is going to have to get a lot more connected if we want to compete with groups like the Rocky Top Brigade...

Update 12:43 AM

Relating tangentially to this post, TAN searches for the elusive Negro Hipster.

Update 2 01/26/06 12:14 pm EDT

Hillary points me to The Day Jobs.


hillary said...

And yet no mention of the Day Jobs, which is one of the most widely read Athens blogs?

Patrick Armstrong said...

Well, my list isn't exactly comprehensive (yet). There are only so many hours in the day, after all. What's the URL?

hillary said...

You might also check out the ones listed on AthensWorld (www.athensworld.com) and at the Banner-Herald's website (www.onlineathens.com/blogs). And I've got a section in my sidelinks that's just for Athens.