Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dumb and Dumber...

First up today, kids, is the Grey Lady, The Upstanding Beacon of Fact-Checking Journalistic Standards, the one, the only, the New York Times. Today, the Times editorial page is taunting the Democrats in the Senate, trying to guilt them into filibustering the already confirmed nomination of Samuel Alito to the SCOTUS.

Now, we have longtime Senator, Once and Future Democratic Presidential Candidate, and Kept Man John Kerry stating that he supports a filibuster of the vote on Samuel Alito.

This, boys and girls, is what we like to call a really, really, bad idea. Judge Alito has survived the mostly insipid questioning put forth to him in the confirmation hearings, and has already been given the green light by the Senate Judiciary Committe. Filibustering the final vote on the senate floor will just deepen the hole the Democrats are already facing for this year's midterm elections, and may well have repercussions to 2008.

But, since common sense hasn't shown to be the Democrats long suit lately, the filibuster will likely come to pass, and will likely be quickly voted down, and John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and the like, will end up with another fine coating of egg on their faces.

It appears that the Democratic leadership has bought a ticket, and gotten on the reality train. Check here and here. for details.


Patrick Armstrong said...

Well, it certainly isn't that difficult to find out why folks on my side of the aisle don't like the Alito Coronation, but our reactions to it are markedly different.

I can understand the desire to go down swinging on this one. I can see us being easily goaded by the NYW. I can see us not liking the fact that we're being kicked while we're down. (Especially when it feels like our own leadership is doing enough of the kicking themselves.)

I don't like Alito. I think something stinks with this one. I don't think he's good for the Supreme Court. I mean, if you're a pretty mainstream kind of guy, and your nomination was locked up in 1994, why not fire back at those idiot Senators? Why not tell the cameras what you really think, if you're all mainstream and everything, right? (Oh, my bad.))

But I still think a filibuster would be counterproductive, and I think the filibuster is too important to let go of over something we lost years ago.

The only way to win these battles is to take back the House and the Senate.

dadvocate said...

filibuster would be counterproductive,

I agree. A filibuster or similiar action could easily turn public opinion against Democrats. I generally like having different parties in power in the presidency, Senate and/or House. The keep the other from running wild which the Republicans have done too much of lately. That the Democrats are having so much trouble regaining a majority in the Senate or House shows how pitiful they are. It'll be interesting to see what the 2006 elections bring.