Thursday, January 19, 2006

Goings On

Lot of folks busy this week. The Management is also paging our Memphis and Macon writers and readers. Where have y'all been? I know there are more interesting things going on out there than Sprout's experiences with the world outside the coffee shop...

For all of our Georgia readers, I ran across this on the internet today: Politics 1: Georgia. I didn't even know we had 4 Conservative Parties and 2 Liberal Parties down in these parts, but we do.

For all of our North Georgia readers, my clicking around that site called my attention to Athens Politics. There's an Athens Politics' site? Are you kidding? Y'all are really letting that City Council get out of control.

For all of our South Georgia readers, the Glynn County Democratic Party will be holding an Open Mic Session on Monday at St Williams' Catholic Church on St Simons Island. The thing goes down at 7:30pm, and the theme is "how can we do better." People should have a lot to say. I can't wait, and I might just bring the camera. Before the meeting, the Young Democrats Caucus will be meeting at Monkey Love Dessert Bar & Gallery in Redfern Village round about 6:30pm. After the big meeting wraps up, us folks with later bedtimes are gonna roll up to Gnat's Landing (I love that bar) and continue talking politics, but with cold, frosty beverages in our hands. If Gnat's ain't open, Marsh Point will be. See ya at the bar.

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ruby booth said...

Hi there! Still alive and kicking in Memphis. Holidays sapped all my posting energy for a while.

But I'm back with our most interesting news: Legislators to Debate Bill Banning Things They've Done, which has to be the best headline ever!