Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Earth to Democrats

Now that this foregone conclusion has run its course, can we try to win some elections now? Please?

Keep in mind that the best way to do this, (not always, as discussed earlier, but most of the time) is to get waay more votes than the other guys. Score more touchdowns so the officials can't give the game away. The best way to do that is to start communicating with the voters.

This shouldn't be difficult, because first and foremost, we are voters and citizens ourselves. I know we forget that sometimes, like when we get all nervous about "Red America" or "morals voters," but it's true! Most of us hold hard working, overtaxed 9-5, 10-8, graveyard shifts and doubles on weekends jobs. A lot of us hold down two of those bad boys. Plenty of us go to Church. I went last Sunday, and the Sunday before that. I'd even say that the majority of us take our coffee without any frothy milk or Chomsky. A lot of us do or plan to have a group of kids who work their way through the American Public Education System, and boy do we want it to operate a lot smoother when we get them there. Heckfire, so many of us work within the American Public Education System till our fingers bleed, we wonder why folks at the top can't seem to make it any easier on us here at the bottom. (So does the other side, by the way. They think we're the problem and we think they're the problem because the people who are the problem keep pointing fingers instead of doing their damn jobs.) Our people died on September 11th and fight on the sands of Iraq, too - and only one of us feels like rubbing it in everyone else's face. (A bunch of us are getting a little tired of her and her entourage, by the way.) I'd say millions of us are going to enjoy a Super Bowl party this Sunday with some folks from the other side, and we'll all realize that we aren't that different, and don't want very different things.

A good job, a safe place to live, some good food to eat, rockin' music to listen to, a nice school for our kids to go to, a cool place to drink a beer, a pleasant place to vacation, clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe and few days off a year to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Does anyone in the house disagree with that assessment?

Thought not.

Now that we're all on the same page, the best way for Democrats, as citizens and voters, to communicate with fellow citizens and voters, is to figure out how we're going to get to do a good job on the 4th of July and everything in between. Because that's our mission statement, and we've lost sight of that.


patsbrother said...

Now that the Bruckheimer speech is over, why don't you identify a specific problem and brainstorm sensible, concrete solutions to that problem. I'm pretty sure that is how you either a) "win" or b) perhaps do better than the "not part of the problem" folks and border on "part of the solution".

Or did you not realize your grand scheme sounds a lot like some baseless jingle cooked up by "the people who are the problem[, who] keep pointing their fingers instead of doing their damn jobs"?

Not happy with the state of your local public schools? Volunteer to tutor. Or to spearhead building- or landscaping-improvement projects. Or go to board of education meetings and voice your opinion.

And tone down the "I went last Sunday, and the Sunday before that." It sounds like you have something to prove.

And stop trying to justify/define yourself by what you're not: Cindy Sheehan. If she's going to embarass herself in public, let her. Sometimes old ladies have to go off and be crazy, and as long as they're harmless, you've just got to leave them be.

Patrick Armstrong said...

For example, this could have been a fine Democratic Response to the very odd State of the Union last night. Instead, we got nine channels of the Left Eyebrow of Doom on the Crappiest BlueScreen in Virginia. The judgemental 13 year old boy that lives inside my head could not stop laughing.

I don't even know what Gov. Kaine said, so I'll have to read the trasncript before I know if it was a good response or not.

So I turned off the news and watched "The Sheild" and put in the "Dukes of Hazzard" DVD to complete the puerile evening.