Thursday, January 26, 2006

More on Google in China

Super-duper bloggy style roundup of the whole Evil Google Middle Kingdom Bad Money Crisis.

(We're not listed there, either, BTW. Soon....)

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Dante said...

Chris Penn is dead and you're wasting space going on and on about Google?

The guy who couldn't dance in Footloose has passed away. I don't know if he could dance in real life but he couls kick some serious butt. He was a blackbelt and even had supporting roles in a few Don "the Dragon" Wilson movies (like the most excellent Future Kick).

Since you're talking about it anyways, in what looks like a publicity stunt, Congress is jumping into the Google situation. (The reason I think it looks like a publicity stunt is that Microsoft and Yahoo have been doing this same thing for a while but nobody cared back then. Now that Google is making headlines for doing it, it's a big deal.)