Saturday, January 14, 2006

O Leadership, Where Art Thou?

Seemed to pique some interest yesterday while discussing Hack Buchannan’s victory lap to celebrate the foregone conclusion of Judge Alito’s confirmation to the United States Supreme Court.

SAWB pointed out probably the most reasonable explanation of Hack’s buffoonery yesterday: "Buchanan's victory lap was run merely to spite the Ted Kennedy's and the Nancy Pelosi's that currently pass for the 'leadership' on your end of the pool. Had it not gone against every 'Christian' principle that Pat holds near and true, he'd have run the lap with his wang out."

But I think Hack is making mountains out of molehills; he’s celebrating an exhibition game win like his team just won the Super Bowl. I’d wager that Judge Alito’s confirmation is surprising to no one over here on my side of the pond. (Though I'm probably wrong about that...) We don’t like the confirmation, obviously and for various reasons, but surprise? Nope. With the exception of the 30 or so truemoonbats who chill with Cindy Sheehananigan in the shallow side of the pond, we knew this Alito thing was like lining the Glynn Academy Red Terrors against the Indianapolis Colts.

Not even close.

Most of the smarter folk on my end of the pond have realized we probably lost the Supreme Court as far back as 1994. Voices from my side are already starting to recognize the futility of the Judicial control strategy. I made my position clear back in October, with my "Give the Courts to them" commentary, and as the Sprout put it yesterday: "For those who fear a conservative bench will strip away your Constitutional rights: vote. Encourage others to do so. Don't hedge your bets on what the Founders purposefully made the weakest of the three branches of government."

Not to say I would have minded some better questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee, who appeared, by their behavior, to actually be on the RNC Publicity Committee’s payroll. It helps me realize that the current leadership in the Legislature isn’t that good. I sure wish folks on my side would pay attention to the issue at hand, and keep on topic in front of the microphones.

Because, and I’ll say this right here and now, if the Democrats do not solve their message problem from top to bottom, we’re going to get killed in the mid terms, and again in 2008, and Rove will have done what he set out to do which is to create a lasting Republican majority in government.

The only thing we (on the left) have got going for us right now is the coming Republican leadership war. Hopefully the schism will be too deep between the Libertarian - Centrist - Republican Right Coalition for them to continue their common agenda.

But waiting for them to screw up first should not be confused with my side actually having a strategy, and you can bet – when that Coalition does break (and it will, eventually), I will not be taking victory laps to celebrate.

Even though my name is Pat.

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