Friday, February 10, 2006

Because it's Friday...

And since we've been talking about music for the last couple days, I feel the need to present you some of the crazy stuff I've been listening to, and forcing upon paT whenever he drags up to town.

First off - found these guys last night thanks to the magic of Pandora. I present you with DragonForce.

Patsbrother may want to not click that link, as it contains so much metal, his head may well explode.

Next, a couple of my current favorites - From Finland, Children of Bodom, and from the Great White North, 3 Inches of Blood

Take a look, if you dare. And please, link what you've got grooving now in the comments.


Dante said...

I'll have to see if I can find out where dantesbrother puts his stuff online. He's primarily a DJ but does his own recording pretty often. It's pretty decent music.

Laddi said...

Heh, I listened to "Through the Fire and the Flames" and got flashbacks of a friend of mine in Portland who would constantly blare out the King Diamond "The Spider's Lullaby" album. Okay, so they have little in common, but seriously, when's the last time you thought about King Diamond...

Currently listening: How to speak German.

Laddi said...

Speaking of Germany, I'll be going the Stuttgart the day after Dragonforce is there but maybe we'll pass through Kaufbeuren. Sorry for this tangent. Okay, back to the topic of "what are you listening to now."

Patrick Armstrong said...

Boy, that's asking me the wrong question in regards to brevity:

Some of my favorite bands right now are smaller bands located out of Athens.

First up, we have the honky-tonk rock of The Bearfoot Hookers. Bringing new and exciting meaning to the term "Low Country Boil."

Then there is the pop-rock while never innocuous Television Buzz.

The only hip-hop I listen to these days comes out of Athens with Herb and Skills and eLeMeN.O.P./Element of Progression.

Keeping standards up in Florida is the actually good indie-pop group Morningbell. I saw them in Jacksonville on a whim, and they are what Athens indie-pop groups wish they could be.

Then there is the Zornstorm punk rock group On Flashing Red. I haven't heard them, but every band Nick and Dan play guitar for is worth the listen if you like punk or hardcore.

On to the Mainstream Music:

The best rock band of the last 20 years, IMHO, was The Black Crowes. They have so many truly classic songs that play on my hearstrings as a son of life in the South.

I live on an island, 311 plays often in my walkman, as does UB40 and INXS. Yeah, I know. My tastes run a little softer than SAWB's.

Then, of course, are the classics that I never go more than a few days without, Robert Johnson, the electric blues of Stevie Ray, and the man who paint pictures with a trumpet, Miles Davis.

For the music I'm playing right now, see Chris Thomas King from New Orleans and Alvin Youngblood Hart from Memphis. They are some modern blues that proves music is still alive, even off the radio in Georgia.

Dante said...

For what it's worth, I've got Juice Newton's greatest hits in the tape deck of the Jeep right now but I've also got some in the center console.

Like I said earlier, I listen to just about everything. Here's some stuff on my MP3 CD I keep around for long car rides:

Sex Pistils (whole "Never Mind the Bullocks..." album)
Misfits (Forbidden Zone, American Nightmare, all the basics...)
Taj Mahal (good blues act)
Various 80's (Duran Duran, A-HA, Bangles, Go-Go's, Bauhaus)
Various good country (Kenny, Johnny Cash, Juice, etc)
Bolero (Yeah, go figure. Dante listens to some classical but really just because it reminds me of good Dudley Moore films.)
all things David Bowie related
Beastie Boys
and even some newer stuff like Weezer, Blink 182, and that song off of Euro-Trip

petallic said...

My tastes are awfully dated, but my mother always said I was born forty.

Current CD rotation includes:

Springsteen's Devils & Dust, All that We Let In by the Indigo Girls (I will take their CDs to my grave, and I don't care what anyone says about that), Nina Simone's The Blues, Johnny Cash and June Carter's Carryin' On, Buckley's Grace, Live's Throwin' Copper, and the Ultimate Dolly Parton collection.

I apologize for not one of these.

As far as newer musicians, I'm still enamoured by Hank III, and he's been out for a while now. My students have been trying to get me into Corey Smith, but he doesn't do a whole lot for me. I'm currently waiting on pins and needles for my friend (and patsbrother's friend) Scott Stapleton's new CD. He's sort of a mixture of Nick Cave and Davindra Banhart, but he's still on the local Athens scene (though he's currently residing in Florida).