Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Speaking of shooting accidents, I'll scoop this one before SAWB grabs hold of it and won't let go:

Democrats shoot selves in face. That's right, the perfect candidate for the Democratic Party, Paul Hackett, an Iraqi war veteran, a Marine and a guy with rabid support from the center to the left, who was adored by even the MSM, who had perhaps the most name recognition in the state of Ohio after OSU Buckeye's coach Jim Tressel, was told by the Democratic leadership they'd rather have someone else run for the Senate.

He was, understandably, displeased.

I am too. Hey, HR readers on the center left, when the Republicans are able to keep control of the government in 2006, despite all their awful decisions and their scandal plauged issues: this will be exhibit "A."

Mainstream Democrats and status quo party activists are already planning their own victory laps for 2006 based on America's disillusionment with Republicans. You know what else? Last year in August, Tennessee's football team was ranked #3 in the preseason polls. How did that work out for them come November? (My apologies to DADvocate for bringing up the sore spot, at least y'all got Basketball, right?)

At least there are others on my side of the aisle expressing outrage as well over the Hackett thing.

Kos hopes the outrage in Left Blogosphere "will send notice to the establishment that we're not ideologically hard-left. Otherwise, Brown would've been the consensus choice being more liberal than Hackett."

Further in this train of thought (and from the same Kos post) MyDD points to this as a symptom of the growing civil war within the American left (the post is rather verbose, so I bring you the good parts):
I would like to think that the furor surrounding Hackett's withdrawal from the Ohio Senate race that has been expressed over the past day on Dailykos, MyDD and other sites has gone a long way toward finally convincing a large number of journalists and members of centrist Democratic organizations that what the progressive netroots and blogosphere want from the Democratic party is not simply a hard push to the left.
The real reason so many people are upset that Hackett left the race has less to do with ideology than it has to do with the ongoing class war within the world of progressive activists.
You won't see many complaints about Brown not being progressive enough in the comments of these and other similar diaries at Dailykos that have been popping over the last sixteen hours. You will, however, see a lot of complaints about insider power plays, about the ineptness of "DC Democrats" in picking candidates who can win elections, and about the anti-democratic nature of the Democratic Party itself.
The anger is also coming from blame for the continued failures of the progressive movement over the past twelve years. The activist working class blames the activist elite for our losses since 1994. They frequently don't trust the decisions the elite makes, especially when the elite does not consult with them when making decisions. Considering the recent track record of progressive in the political arena, can anyone really blame them?

The anger is also coming from being taken for granted. The activist working class does not work in the world of politics. They do not derive their income form politics, but they do spend their income and their free time on politics. When people whoa re running the show keep losing, the activist working class sees its hard earned money and precious little free time go to waste. The anger comes form people growing tired of offering their resources to leaders who seem to be making nothing but bad decisions that lead to defeat. They feel as though they are expected to keep giving, as though the resources they are offering aren't previous to them.

(bold enabled for emphasis - HR)

I hope no one needs clarification on who the 'activist elite' are.


Dante said...

You liberals and your Communist vernacular. The last time I saw such a short blurb with the words "working class" and "progressive" sprinkled in so thoroughly, it was a letter Lenin was writing to Trotsky authorizing hangings when necessary to keep farmers from revolting while the government was collecting food to bring to the cities. Of course something might have been lost in translation since I doubt Lenin really used the words "progressive" and "working class." I image he used some sort of unprintable Russian equivalent. Next thing you know, you'll be telling us things are "double plus good."

But back to the point, it appears at least one site is refuting the claims that Hackett was forced out unscrupulously and the site makes some good points if it has its facts right. They're claiming that not only did Brown announce his candidacy first, but he also had morey money to work with and Hackett was using Brown's own people to run the campaign. Essentially the article claims that Hackett would've been running with little money comparatively and no campaign staff if he stayed in against Brown. Just some food for thought.

Patrick Armstrong said...

No, Dante, things will never be "double plus good" with me. Don't you know they'll be "really real?" ;)


The "Northwest Progressive Political Institute."

I can't imagine why a bunch of folks from Seattle don't get why folks like me are angry. (Sarcasm.)

So this Brown individual had ten times the cash and the political mavens to make it work. Nothing against Brown, I don't know him from Adam, but another Party man by the name of Roy Barnes had ten times the money and all the political mavens of the South working for him. Care to remind me why he ain't governor of Georgia? Clue, it ain't got nothin' to do with the Rebel Flag.

I remember hearing, after Hackett narrowly lost the special election, that he was being asked by Dems to run for Senate.

Then, Kos defends the Party by saying that Hackett was an "untested candidate in a high profile Senate race." Then he explains the circumstances of Hackett's declaration to run.

Earth to my fellow Democrats: if we can't figure out who's going to run for which district and when, and can't communicate effectively to those candidates to properly coordinate strategy, how on Earth are we going to be able to run the country effectively?

That is the message all this sends, and that is one of the reasons this makes me so angry.

dadvocate said...

I live in the Congressional district that Hackett ran in. He gave Jean Schmidt all she wanted and then some. That he made such a good run is significant because the district is HEAVILY Republican. The Dems made a mistake. Their current pick doesn't have a chance. Yes, the Democrats are perfecting the art of shooting ones self in the foot. It would be hard for the Republicans to give them more chances and they continue to blow each one.

BTW - not only do we now have basketball but my kids go to school across the river at the alma mater of Tennessee star, Chris Lofton, Mason County Schools. Loften lit Kentucky up for 31 points. Tubby Smith cried all night for letting this recruit get away. He didn't recruit Lofton at all. A couple of nights later Lofton hit 9 threes and had 33 points against Georgia. You should have seen this kid play in high school.

His junior year they won the Kentucky state championship with the tallest player in the team being a 6'3" point guard. The center was 6'2". Lofton set records for three pointers taken, three pointers made and the highest percentage of three pointers made for the state tournament and a single tournament game. Riding his back, the team set all the same records. Being 6'8" doesn't help much when you have guys shooting and hitting three pointers over the top of you all night long.

Dante said...

Pat, the money issue is important but not as important as Hackett using campaign folks who will probably end up working for Brown. How much of Hackett's success so far came from who was helping him? I don't know the answer to that but I'll wager it's at least some.

I'm more than a bit skeptical of anything with "Progressive" in the title. I just thought the other side of the argument should be thrown out there.

The sports guys around Athens have thrown out on more than once occasion that Lofton is either the best or second best (behind a FL guard) player in the SEC and certainly one of the top 10 players in the country.

patsbrother said...

Brown was in the race. Brown dropped out. Democrats such as Sen. Schumer urged Hackett to run. Hackett decided to run. Brown decided he was back in the race. Democrats urged Hackett to get out of the Senate race and go back up against Rep. Schmidt. Democrats such as Sen. Schumer told people to stop donating to Hackett. Hackett drops out.

Stop reading gossipy blogs and start reading the news. Its not that hard.

Dante said...

"Stop reading gossipy blogs and start reading the news. Its not that hard."

It's actually pretty darn hard if you refuse to pay or register. Paying for information is so passe. Get with the times, man! Besides, at least with blogs I know I'm getting commentary instead of commentary masked as an actual news report.

Patrick Armstrong said...

I will be purchasing An Army of Davids when it hits bookstores. I will read it. My roommate will probably read it. Then I will send that copy to SAWB or Dante, whichever one doesn't have it.

I plan on buying Sproute a copy, but considering his current reading list over there in law school, I can probably wait for it to come out in paperback.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Oh yeah, and RE: the "stop reading gossipy blogs" nonsense: I first heard about this story (as evidenced by the first link I refrenced) on MSNBC.

Later in the day, those 'gossipy blogs' themselves made the 'really real' news.

Unless you consider MSNBC a 'gossipy blog.' I guess they just don't demand the same 'respect' of the New York Whines and CNN (Copy-n-paste News Network) to the down-to-earth law school crowd.

Dante said...

The Army of Davids book looks interesting but it looks to me like Reynolds may be a little off on his premise. There might be an army of Davids on the loose now but thet're fighting with Ma Bell's slingshots. With Ma Bell (one of the biggest Goliaths around) as the enabler for all these Davids, I'd be a little worried that she would try to pull the rug out from under them at some point. Especially with when Ma Bell is already considering this sort of thing.