Monday, February 06, 2006

From the "Just Let it Go" Department...

Tabloids, Royalty, Conspiracy Thoeries, Oh my!

So apparently some "New Witnesses" claim that former Princes Diana's car crash was caused by a laser-wielding mortorcycling British seret agent. Actaully, the "witnesses" just claim the laser and motorcycle parts. The rabid conspiracy theorists at the Daily Express claim the British secret agent was involved. I forget my MI's so I don't remember which one the motorcyclist would be.

Even ignoring the argument that shining a laser into an intoxicated chauffer's eyes is a terrible way to try to cause a crash (and not a certain way to ensure a fatality), this conspiracy theory doesn't even make sense on the surface. At least the fake moon landing theory looks decent on the surface until you dig deeper into the theory and realize it's mostly garbage. (Then again, it's also fun to read up on the fake moon landing theory and claim to believe it in conversation because the arguments are generally good enough that most people don't know exactly how to shoot it down.)

Apparently, this whole conspiracy hinges on Diana embarrasing the royal family by being pregnant with a child who has a Muslim father at the time of her death. To avoid embarrasment, they decide to off Diana. If they were so concerned about Diana embarrasing them, why not just off her while she was still married to Prince Charles? Then he would be free to remarry whoever he likes (cough... cough... Camilla) without the embarrasment of a divorce hanging over his head.

To be fair, it is important to point out that Daily Express aren't the only ones revisiting this tragedy. Back in Ferbuary of 2005, British police officers closed the scene of the accident for eight hours to re-investigage and geta 3-D model. (Source: Just let it go, guys.

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