Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Welcome, Athens Politics and Safe As Houses readers! I do appreciate the blogroll. Classic City Cyberspace gets a little bit bigger....

Shameless plugs:

Iffin' y'all are linkin' around in the blawg world, do stop by conservative (and Tennessee fan) DADvocate, center-moving-left and California dreamin' The Great Society and New Orleans lagniappe GulfSails. Just spreadin' the love.

Remember: you might not agree with everything they say, but their ideas (like the ones found on AthPo and SAH) are regular folks doin' the grassroots commentary thing. I think that's a pretty important job.

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dadvocate said...

Thanks for the plug (again).

BTW - a funny thing I realized the other day. I work in a department consisiting of 8 men ranging in age from mid-20's to mid-50's (me). Seven of the eight have college degrees, one (myself) has a graduate degree. Anyway, I'm the most liberal guy in the department. Bet that's scary to some liberals.