Friday, February 17, 2006

Killing yourself to live?

Follow up of the Paul-Hackett-Democratic-Hack-Job-Dance-Party.

Some good quotes in here, and some 'insider' information that makes my cold, black, heart quiver with delight.

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Patrick Armstrong said...

We all know what I think of the situation, and what I think of any of the current Democratic leadership what had their hands involved in this stunt...

...but didn't this sort of thing happen to Senator John McCain of Arizona back in 2000? Didn't this sort of 'pick the Party insider candidate' thing saddle us with the ol' Dubya & Da Dunderheads in the first place?

It may be an apples and oranges comparison, but y'all got y'all's own Party insiders that do the same low down dirty things.

Let's not forget who the Swift Boats work for, is what I'm sayin'.

You need not worry SAWB, you and I both know how many Democratic Party insiders I know outside Georgia, and how I'm a gonna rub some noses in this urine when the Republicans keep that Senate seat in Ohio.