Thursday, February 16, 2006

Where's the outrage?

Seriously. Do we all remember the near bloodletting after Rush Limbaugh made his comments regarding Donovan McNabb's quarterbacking ability? Why has there been no MSM outcry over Bryant Gumbel's comments on the Winter Olympics? Where's Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, and the rest? Why isn't Jimmy Carter involved yet?

Oh? They're not interested? They're not coming to chastise Bryant for his insipid and biased commentary? Bryant Gumbel is going to get a free pass on this? Yeah, I thought so.

Oh, and just for kicks, imagine if Rush Limbaugh made a similar comment about the NBA finals, or perhaps told people to ignore the NFL, and wait for hockey season, because of a disproportionate number of black athletes compared to white athletes. Think that might knock Dick Cheney's hunting story off the front page?


Buzzzbee said...

There doesn't appear to be an end to the racial double standard anytime in the near future. So, I suggest you just get used to the idea that a black guy can say anything he wants the inferiority of white people, while a white man would be crucified for the exact same behavior. Believe me; I have to deal with it on a daily basis. I'm taking a class called intercultural communications, aka Hatin' Whitey 101. It’s the perfect class to take if you're white and interested in learning how to feel guilty about things that took place before you were born.

Dante said...
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Dante said...

Oops. I worded a thought wrong and almost fell into the same trap as the folks who were calling Limbaugh a racist. Here's teh revised comment with update in italics:

The worst part about it is that he had some pretty interesting points minus the racist (and not very well thought out) comment. Check the sports side of things where I'll soon be analyzing the rest of what he had to say.

Personally, I don't think buzzzbee's suggestion of rolling over and dying on this double-standard issue is the way to go. If someone's going to be a racist or accuse someone else of being racist, it's probably best to call them on it.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Looking at Gumble's quote, this appears to be an attempt at a quip. Albeit a tasteless quip. We all know more people of color show up for the GOP convention than show up for the Winter Olympics (in number as well as percentage). That puts it into the realm of hyperbole.

This ain't a double standard, this'n's apples and oranges.

People were outraged at what Rush said becase 1) he insulted Donovan McNabb, who had pretty much proved himself on the field at the time, and accused him of recieving the sports equivalent of affirmative action and 2) he insulted the mostly non-political sports media of political bias, angering that crowd in the process and 3) Rush has many more people watching him than Gumble ever will.

Rush squandered his dream job because he can't stop being a jackass for 15 minutes. He knows he has enemies because he built his reputation on making them.

Had he said Donovan McNabb was overrated because the East Coast Media bias wanted someone from Syracuse to win, there would have been no harm, no foul. Had he said that Donovan's stats were padded by throwing to good recievers or the benefit of a strong offensive line, there would have been no harm, no foul.

But nooooo, Donovan McNabb's success was because he was black and the media hates whitey.

If the media, especially the sports media, hates whitey so much, why must I deal with pictures of Tom Brady, Big Ben, Joey Harrington & Carlson Palmer first on every damn highlight reel? If the media, especially the sports media, lionizes blacks so much, why do I know everything about the scandals of Ray Lewis, TO, Ron Mexico, New Mexico, Quincy Carter, Maurice Clarett and the Manysexboata Vikings?

Patrick Armstrong said...

Oh yeah, and just so we can compare apples to apples and put this "Rush Whitey gets beat down while Gumblecolor gets a pass" crap to rest. Especially because I was talking about this with some fellow Dawgs the other night.

Donovan McNabb is a helluva guy. He gives his all every game. He played injured all the time. During the TO crisis, he showed how much class he had and kept his mouth shut to the press so not to exacerbate things and tried as hard as he could to keep his team together, even as TO and the bling factor said Philly would win a Super Bowl if they had Bret Favre (a white quarterback for all you 'the world hates whitey' types keeping score at home).

McNabb doesn't bling, doesn't cause scandal, isn't the artist behind any women-hating hip-hop jingles.

As a matter of fact, Donovan McNabb is one helluva role model for young African American men in this country. Behavior like his should be lauded and encouraged. Play and sportsmanship like his should be emulated by other athletes (especially some of the spoilt athletes-behaving-badly at the Winter Games. Please see: Bodie Miller).

Rush went out and called him 'overrated,' and went on to use his football pulpit to bring politics to what is usually the politics free zone of sports fandom. That alone shoulda got Fluff Rush fired, IMHO. I feel that punk got what he deserved.

A some time ago, some bonehead from the Philadelphia NAACP used his pulpit to say that Donovan McNabb wasn't black enough because of the way he plays and becuase of the way he acts. There was plenty of outrage over this, but the Dawgs I was talking to didn't hear the rest of the story.

Blacks were quite outraged too, the same way many of us sportsfans were over the Rush thing.

The National NAACP unloaded on the punk from Philly. Meanwhile (lyrics alert) others in the Black community put the punk on full blast.

So, it looks to me like when you compare apples to apples, it don't matter what color those apples are. When you try to bring down the good guys, no matter what color you are, you are going to get it with both barrels.

That's the way it should be.

ruby booth said...

Part of the problem, too, may be that many of us mute any sports program in which a Gumble is likely start talking. Surely, I can't be the only one who thinks they are the worst family of announcers ever.

Dante said...

Gumbel's slight of the GOP could be hyperbole but his assertion that the winter olympic athletes are certainly not the world's best since they are not black does not look at all like mere hyperbole.

Also, I think Pat is thinking of a different Donovan McNabb. The McNabb I remember back then hadn't exactly proven himself on the field, especially in clutch situations. His numbers were decent at best (eerily similar to Danny White's stats at the same point in his career) and the sports media went around blaming everyone but McNabb for the Eagles passing performance.

Looking at the situation from Rush's shoes, I just saw my favorite team (Pittsburg is Rush's case) finally get rid of an awful quarterback that the media absolutely fawned over (Kordell Stewart) and then I see the media absolutely fawn over another merely decent (at the time, remember) QB in Philly. I'm going to start wondering what they have in common. And when I start wondering, the fact that they're both black is going to at least cross my mind. Especially if I spend a good chunk of time on my job commenting on other portions of the media who absolutely fawn over black political figures. I don't necessarily think he was right, but I can certainly see where he was coming from there.

Dante said...

And to respond to Ruby, I'm not the biggest fan of Greg Gumbel but he's a LOT better than anybody else on that pathetic excuse for a CBS NFL broadcast team. I just hope Deion doesn't come back after he re-retires. I would think that basic reading skills would be required for a sportscaster job but Deion and CBS have obviously proven me wrong.

Patrick Armstrong said...

If Fluff Rush made his comments about McNabb in October of 2003, hadn't the Eagles had already been to two straight NFC Championship games with Donovan McNabb at the helm?

What's somebody gotta do to get a little respect around here?

We didn't call "Big Ben" overrated last year, did we? We said, when he grows up, he could be pretty good.

petallic said...

The Winter Olympics have started? Oh wow, I didn't... care.

I'm with Gumbel on that. They're so lame all I can hear in my head is Sprout a la Cartman repeating, "Lame. Totally Lame." I haven't cared about ice skating since my childhood flame for Brian Boitano died. (And yes, pun totally intended). I couldn't care less if Kwan skates; I can't believe it's even newsworthy.

As to the racial comments, even I don't like white people most of the time, so I'm not really the best person to cast stones. This is just the way of the world. I'm white: I get to make disparaging comments about whitey, but no one else. I'm fat: I get to make disparaging comments about fat people...and skinny people. Skinny people do not get to make comments about fat people. I'm a woman: I get to make disparaging comments about men...and women. Men do not get to make disparaging comments about women.

White straight skinny men do not get to say shite about anyone. Such is life. Culture of power and whatnot. Currently in the US, black is the culture of power when it comes to political sensitivity. I can live with that.

Dante said...

You can't really compare "Big Ben" to Donovan McNabb in this case. Ben was a rookie who went into an AFC Championship game with a 98 QB rating. Until McNabb's Super Bowl year, he got an 86 one year (2002) but only played 10 games and also an 84 and a 77 for 2001 and 2000, respectively. McNabb was decent but he sure wan't the superstar a lot of people were making him out to be if you looked at the numbers.

patsbrother said...

Though Gumble phrased it poorly, the Winter Olympics should get a lot of flack as it really does not represent the world's greatest atheletes.

The founder of the modern Olympic games opposed a Winter Olympics because winter games aren't world games, they are rich peoples' games. The atheletes that are able to compete represent a small sliver of the world's nations. Even where there is cold weather, poorer nations do not compete because none of their people can pay for a bobsled or skiing equipment.

This is why the only notable Winter Olympics story any of us may know is that presented in "Cool Runnings", about the Jamaican Bobsled team. They were the story of the year, and they finished last. The team has not been able to return from year to year, not because of a lack of snow in the Carribbean, but because of a lack of funds.

Without funds, you cannot compete in the Winter Olympics. Unlike the Summer Games, there are no winter sports you can play that do not call for expensive equipment. Thus, by and large, only rich, Western nations field actual teams. And yes, this often means white.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Because the Summer Olympic athletes don't require money to train? They eat only from food stamps or United Nations Programs for the Impoverished and Malnourished but Somehow World Class Athletes (UNPIMSWCA).

This is one of the most ignorant things I've ever heard you say, kid.

Do you know how much money it takes to field a Summer Olympic football, basketball, baseball team? Equestrian events? That stuff's all wholesale compared to a pair of skis.

If all it took was money to win Winter Olympic medals, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Burundei would have the best figure skaters, snowboarders and bobsledders in the world.

They aren't represented a whole lot because where it doesn't snow, not a lot of kids (who grow up to be athletes) get interested in snowy sports. But if you grow up in some places in Norway, Russia, Byelorussia, the Ukraine, Finland, China, Alaska, Canada or Chile you may learn how to ski on your older brother's hand me downs the same time you learn how to walk, doesn't matter how poor you are.

And no stories? What about 'Miracle?' The US beating the Soviet Union in Lake Placid? No story there.

And the Jamaican bobsled team came in 14th in 1992, and has since inspired a host of tropical nations to get involved. But I guess, since Jamaica's so poor and all, they get this fancy website for free.

Any sporting event is like Project Mayhem. You choose your level of involvement.

Buzzzbee said...

I feel like I left out something very important. I don't believe people should be censored. It's not my opinion that Gumbel should be unable to say whatever wants even if it is racist. I don’t even think he should be punished by HBO. I just believe that both sides should be treated fairly. We as a society try to stuff anyone who thinks differently into a closet and away from public discussion. Some people, possibly some of you, would agree with that mentality, and would say that racism of any kind should not be tolerated. I do not. I think punishing Rush and Gumbel is bad for us as a society. We can disagree with them, but by punishing them, we stifle free thought. Next time someone has an idea that goes against the national values, they may decide to keep their mouth shut because they may lose their job. Just because the majority of Americans agree on something doesn’t make it right.

Before this comes up; of course Fox was well within their rights to fire Limbaugh, but that wasn’t the right thing to do, at least not in my opinion. As much as I disagree with him, I believe it is important for people like Limbaugh to be able to freely speak their minds without fear of repercussions.