Thursday, March 02, 2006

February Jackass of the Month

Ok kids, here are our 6 nominees, in no particular order, for Jackass of the Month.

Jeramy Stevens
Bode Miller
Bryant Gumbel
Ohio Democrats
Rioting Muslims

Now, here are the rules, since some of you weren't clear last month:
Rank your nominees 1-6.
One nominee per rank.
Ballot box stuffery, and other voting shenanigans, will get you added to the list.
6pts for first, 5 for second, etc.
I'll do the math after next friday.

Vote away!


S.A.W.B. said...

I'll kick the voting off.

1 - Rioting Muslims
2 - Ohio Democrats(it was a tough call...but killing and maiming over manufactured outrage trumps shooting ones self in the foot)
3 - Bryant Gumbel
4 - Jeramy Stevens(try catching a pass sometime)
5 - Google(your time comes soon, I think...just not this month...)
6 - Bode Miller

Dante said...

1. Rioting Muslims - Who do they think they are with all these burnings? WV fans?
2. Bryant Gumbel - He'll probably like this list since at least some of the folks at #1 are black.
3. Google - According to local laws and customs, I cannot display the reason Google is #3.
4. Bode Miller - Well F you, too!
5. Jeramy Stevens - Not only did he take up valuable bench space on my fantasy team this year, he also acted like he wasn't going to choke in the big game.
6. Ohio Democrats - Though they technically are jackasses, all they did was force somebody out of running. Poiliticians do that all the time.

patsbrother said...

1: Rioting Muslims: is it an effective protest to destroy parts of your own nations for things that happened in Denmark a long while back. Place and time utility, people, come on. That, and what's outrageous about an infidel acting infidel-ish??

2: write-in: the Bush Administration re: ports. Transparency works. When you do things in public, the shady-shady backroom deal scenario becomes not so likely, and maybe people in your own party won't start admitting they don't trust you.

3: Ohio Democrats, joined by write-in party officials nationwide: for gross stupidity and failure to plan.

4: write-in Harriet Miers: not because she's a jackass or did anything, but because she's probably lonely and nobody talks about her anymore.

5: Bode Miller: because, complete ignorance as to who this person is, I can't bide a name like Bode.

6: [candidate deleted]

Patrick Armstrong said...

From the earlier post...

Pat's rankings:

1. Bode Miller
2. Rioters round the world
3. Whatever Democrat got Hackett out of the Senate race.
4. Gumbel
5. J. Stevens
6. "Others recving votes" (instead of Google)

1:14 PM

Laddi said...

1. Rioting Muslims
2. Miller Time
3. Bryant Gumbo
4. O-Hi-No Dems
6. Bush Admin. for coming out guns ablaze again, my-way-or-the-highway, take-my-ball-and-go-home this time in regard to the port issue
7. S.A.W.B. for putting the man down by squelching the noblest of democratic privileges: ballot-stuffing! (kidding!)

petallic said...

1. Rioting Muslims
2. Bode Miller
3. Google
4. Ohio Democrats
5. Bryant Gumbel
6. Jeremy Stevens

dadvocate said...

1. Bryant Gumbel - he's been a jerk for many years and deserves the recognition.
2. Rioting Muslims
3. Google
4. Bode Miller
5. Ohio Democrats - they're Democrats, they can't think straight any way.
6. Jeremy Stevens

Patrick Armstrong said...

Don't forget that you may wanna count any votes on the original "jackass" post below. I think there were a host of first place votes to be had there, and the others just count as 'others recieving votes.'