Thursday, March 16, 2006

Field Trip

To discuss Women's History Month, we're all taking a field trip over to DADvocate. Good stuff, and brief.

Also, he gives some righteous props (here and here) to Carolyn Maupin, who more than deserves it for stepping up in the face of tragedy. Her son is MIA but presumed dead in Iraq, but will never be bereft of prayers.

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dadvocate said...

I don't know the Maupins and have never met them. But I live in the same Congressional district. The Maupins are often in the local news. Most places I go I see yard signs, signs in the windows of convenience stores, etc. to pray for Matt Maupin, etc.

As I parent I can imagine, but only barely, what it feels like to have lost a son, probably, as they have. That the Maupins work to help others shows the strength that reflects most of us in this country, no matter what your position is on the war in Iraq.