Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Maybe I just wasn't paying any attention, but did we actually nominate a "Jackass of the Month" for February? C'mon, y'all! Harry Belafonte beat out Matt Leinart, Pat Robertson and Bill O'Reilly for the Jackass of January Award because voters thought two of the three (Patty Boy and O'Really) are actually professional jackasses, and therefore deserve less notoriety.

Did anyone nominate anyone in for February?

Sidebar: Someone else has decided to try and give awards out daily. It is a big task, and we wish them luck. Visit them now at the Daily.


Laddi said...

I can't decide on which of these two to nominate. Both are sports-related. Oh, well.

Jackass A is Jeramy Stevens for the Seattle Seahawks. For as much smack as this guy tried to bring, he fell flat in the biggest game of his life. If not for a week, his mouth was much larger than his talent.

Jackass B has to Bode Miller. It's one thing to despise the media and prefer to be left alone. It's another thing to not try. I gave Miller Time a pass with the drinking thing. Athletes drink, among other things. And I gave him a pass at getting all pissy with the media. I'd likely piss in their icecubes, too, if they constantly haggled and pressured me. But his actual performance (if you can call it that) at the Olympics was beyond pathetic. He didn't care. Plain and simple. If you don't like the Olympics, don't go, ya jerk. There's someone else who would rather be there.

Dante said...

I'll go ahead and nominate google for abandoning company philosophy to get some fat cash from China.

S.A.W.B. said...

I'll nominate three:

1 - Bryant Gumbel, for playing the race card where it didn't need to be dealt.

2 - Ohio Democrats, for making Pat cry.

3 - Rioting Muslims, for manufacturing outrage.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Well, you should only get one nomination, but considering how we vote on them, I reckon we can take up to ten nominations....

S.A.W.B. said...

We can throw up however many we want. I'll run the math on the poll...much like the AP. Remember, kids, one vote/ranking per nominee...

Jmac said...

Tough call ...

I lean Bode Miller for superficial reasons, but rioting anybodies are jackasses all the way around.

petallic said...

Rioting Muslims.

GP said...

I was leaning toward rioting muslims but Bode managed to sprain his ankle in a pickup basketball game before his final event, clinching his grade A jackass status.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Pat's rankings:

1. Bode Miller
2. Rioters round the world
3. Whatever Democrat got Hackett out of the Senate race.
4. Gumbel
5. J. Stevens
6. "Others recving votes" (instead of Google)

S.A.W.B. said...

ok, i'm cutting off nominations at this point in time, so we can get this done by next friday.

the nominees are, in no particular order -

Jeramy Stevens
Bode Miller
Bryant Gumbel
Ohio Democrats
Rioting Muslims

this is going up on a new post, which Pat can edit should we get a late nominee. your votes are due in by friday, please rank all 6.