Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jackassery, I cast thee OUT!

So, yeah. It looks like UGA is trying to take another bite out of the rampant assclownery that is tailgating at UGA.

Story time.

We (paT, myself, and others), used to park at the Creswell God Lot(tm) for tailgating. It was convenient, it was close to the stadium, and most of all, it was free. This arrangement worked fine for a couple of years, then, suddenly, someone else decided that they were going to take our spot. They would triple park, and hold spaces for their friends, they would move tailgating stuff I had placed earlier, and in one instance, told someone who was holding the area for us that we had to move. That was the last straw.

I'm all for maintaing one's space, but to try and forcibly remove someone because you want the space more, and are unwilling to share, or merge the tailgates? I'm glad I don't tailgate there anymore.

Do I think this will fix all of the on-campus tailgating issues? No. It's a start though. The next step, in my mind at least, is to designate the intramural fields as tailgating areas, and run constant shuttles to and from the stadium to the intramurals. Beyond that, well, we're going to have to create some more land from somewhere, and quick...


petallic said...

UGA could outlaw tailgating altogether, and I'd be pleased as punch. I'd hate it for my local businesses who make a bundle on gamedays, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over the cultural loss that is the wonder of tailgating. As a matter of fact, I'd sleep better. Literally. My friends and I used to tailgate on the opposite side of the wall at the practice field. I lost my taste for it early on, though eight years on my friends are still doing it. Lifers, I guess you'd call 'em.

The only form of tailgating I enjoy has nothing to do with football. I love a good tailgate at a drive-in movie. Lawn chairs, a couple of bug repellent candles, some PBR, and a bucket of KFC.

Ain't no law 'gainst that there.

Laddi said...

I was a rare tailgater. I liked the beer and food with friends, but there are too many other people there. And the more people, the more likely at least one of them (at least one) will end up being the a-hole ruining a good time for everyone else. At any university, the result of that probability is abundant. So understand I have a slight dislike for the tailgating phenomenon.

However, there are folks that have the humongonormous can't-fit-in-one- parking-lot-much-less-one-space, party-over-here mobiles that I can't imagine how they will be able to accomodate these season ticket holders ($$$). But I agree with the "you can't be here until gameday" part of this. I used to park in the pit behind the Art-Sculpture/Buckhead Beach lot. You either had to move or you would be moved after 6 PM Friday, which sucked if you were going downtown for Friday happy hour and you forgot to move the car...

At the same time, I understand the need to for those mobile party machines and the money they bring in. I'm shocked how they are being driven further and further from campus, especially given the lack of transportation to and from places like the intramural field, the Tailgating Station, or downtown.