Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tropical Contact High

So, it is actually a little bit chilly today in Island City, but I don't mind 'cause it'll get back into the 70's and sun next week.

But I know most of y'all in the northern hinterlands of the state (and points north) are probably languishing in the pre-springtime 50's, dreaming of girls in bikinis, the sun on your faces, and walks on the beach.

Since most of y'all will be stuck indoors for the next coupla days (and 'cause I don't give fellow Island City blogger Virgil near enough props), here's a way to bring a little sunshine into your lives: the Redneck Gourmet's Strawberry Key Lime Pie. Try that the next time you're watching Bad Boys II or CSI Miami or some other 'fun in the sun' based show whist y'all try to stave off the scurvy.

I'm gonna give that partikkular recipie a shot the next time the 'rents & I have a backyard barbecue (the Pops don't eat chocolate, so this could go over tremendously). I'm sure margaritas or rum based beverages will feature prominently...


dadvocate said...

Man, you really know how to hurt a guy. We'll be very happy if we reach 50 any time this week. Snow is predicted here Tuesday. I'll remember you next hurricane season.

The recipe looks great. I'm going to try it.

Meredith said...

That does look promising.

If you don't mind a little extra prep time (as in sitting with a beer in hand watching the game while it sets up), I have a recipe for Frozen Key Lime Pie I'll post on my blog.

patsbrother said...

There is a wonderful group of older women who come into Jittery Joe's Five Points once a week: petallic and I call them the Friday Night Ladies. They come in, one by one, and order their teas and their capucchinos. They crowd around this table or that. And for an hour or two they sit and update each other on subjects ranging from their families to the fine art of being technosavvy individuals (think Wendy in ten or fifteen years if she could find other Island Princesses who understood the vaguries of Internet Explorer).

And yes, every once in a while, the Friday Night Ladies swap recipes.

It's good to know Island living hasn't turned you soft.

petallic said...

You missed the Friday Night Ladies night before last, PB (that's so deliciously close to PBR). They were discussing the various uses of almonds in recipes. I could hardly hear them over the din of Grady's yammering, but it was delightful nonetheless. One of them had brought digestive biscuits (for those of you unaware, digestive biscuits are delicious cookies that also happen to be good for your digestive system), and they left the remainders on the table for the next inhabitants of their space. It made me sad when Crazy Matt threw them away.

Oh, I do love the Friday Night Ladies.

Dante said...

I'm not too worried about the cold snap. You can have your beaches. I'm just looking forward to polluting the nearest lake with my internal combustion engine. We're actually historically about two weeks ahead of schedule on lake temperatures. As long as the rain falling is around 50F, at the worst case we'll still be on schedule historically which means my wetsuit season starts in two to three weeks. Not as good as this week or next but I'll take it.

That recipe looks interesting. Too bad I can't say the same for your choice of 'fun in the sun' viewing :) Unfortunately, the wife is on strict diet due to risk of gestational diabetes right now (she's at the upper upper end of safe as far as blood sugar goes). We'll have to shelve that sort of thing until the real'y (For those who didn't read the Ultimate [...] thread, this is my new contaction for "really real". I'm still just trying it out.) summer comes around.