Monday, March 13, 2006

War Stories

So, when SAWB and I agree on stuff, you know there is some validity to be had. You see, both he and I believe that the Mainstream Media has done an awful job of (among other things - many, many other things) covering the Iraq war.

I don't want to put words into my friend's mouth, and to be fair, he and I disagree about many, many (many, many) things surrounding the circumstances of this war. We try not to get into that particular debate, because we've gone over that ground so many times, we can (and have) literally cut and pasted the arguments to save time.

But our disagreements ain't what this is about. It is what we do agree on that is important, and it bears repeating over and over and over.

You see, our brother and sister Americans in the desert are holding a whole damn nation together with little more than force of will and blood. I think that everytime we hear from the MSM & punditry about what a fiasco this war was, how badly it has been run, the coming Iraqi civil war, that we loose something necessary. I don't know exactly what it is, but I know it ain't there.

It is, in fact, like some Americans can't wait to loose this one, that they can't wait to say 'I told you so,' & that just makes me sick. I hate hearing it. I hate sounding like it. I hate that I have to agree with some of the things that are said on that side of the argument. Two conservative pundits, including George Will, have allegedly taken up the 'we can't win' manifesto (if anyone can find that link, I'd appreciate it). It is one thing to criticize constructively, it is another to destructively complain.

Though I know I've crossed the line from time to time, I try to keep it in the first category. I probably haven't done the best of jobs. I hate that too.

So when I came across this Newsweek article, I was shocked. I had to sit down and read the whole thing start to finish. I also had to share, just in case any of y'all done missed it. We hear so much of the bad news day to day, maybe we need to hear more about the good guys.

Men like that make me terribly proud to be an American. I think it's worth saying over and over and over. I think SAWB may agree.

PS: If he doesn't I'm sure he'll put me in my place.

PPS: Speaking of Navy, you probably can't outdrink them, I don't care where you went to school or what dorm you lived in (they don't either, apparently). It is not wise to try.


Laddi said...

First, what an amazing story. Every high school government/history should be required to read and discuss that article. I'm not going to get started about the "war-simulator" video games issue. I won't do it.

Second, to the point on some Americans hoping to the US loses, I've read on other message boards similar sentiments. Let's make this very very clear. There is a light-year's distance between those who wish the US loses the war (for whatever reason) and those who want our US troops out of Iraq, regardless of whether that means the war has been won or lost. And an equal distance after between those who want the US troops home without regard to Iraq and those who feel the US has to see the entire Iraqi reconstruction through to completion.

I don't understand people who wish the US to LOSE. However, I also don't understand why when reports of set-backs, difficulties and defeats are issued it's construed as a hidden desire to see us lose and an opportunity for the wagging of fingers. Should there be more good news reported? Yes. Does lack of good news equal a secret desire for US failure? Hardly. Here's what gets me: places like FoxNews with pundits who gripe and moan about lack of good news out of Iraq. Look at their front page today. Do you see any good news? Bueller? Why "Iraqi Police find 85 bodies dead in 24 hours"? Why not "Leaders agree to meet daily to end deadlock"? Why "One Third of People Feel Lonely, Study Finds"? Why not "Two Thirds of People Feel Sense of Belonging, Study Finds"? Do the journalists want people to feel bad, lonely? No, shock wins in our tabloid society. Note that even in the Newsweek article, half of it is shocking details mixed in with the story.

I hate that the story of a war hero is mixed in with a blog about people who wish failure and harm on the US. I could care less if some pundits think it impossible to support the troops while simultaneously not support the reasons they are there or the politicos who sent them. I see Lt Cr Jadick as a hero; that doesn't mean I hold similar sentiments to the politicians who sent him there under spurious justifications.

Laddi said...

Btw, Patrick, thanks for sharing the article. I hadn't seen it.