Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Classic City Cyberspace

So I check out the Flagpole online almost every week to kinda keep up with some of the news from the Classic City. One thing I have (apparently) been missing is Mr. Waddell's column, "A Million Monkeys." It is a column about the Internet, and he starts off with a statement like "the Internet is like a karaoke bar..." and todays edition starts out "the internet is like ametuer poetry".

I did a search and checked out some of Mr. Waddell's archives for the column. I didn't see a thing in there about the actual Classic City Cyberspace. Nothing on Publius & DoubleDawg, Hillary, JMac, GP, Lefty & Co at A La Gauche, the fellas at QKS, or anything I could see about anyone else who attaches to the blogosphere in Flagpole's geographic vicinity - nothing.

Maybe I just didn't go far enough back in the archives to see it. If that's the case, I'd love to link to that particular article. But it would seem to me (as a former contributor) that the Flagpole, as grassrootsy as they are, would be more than interested to hear from their fellow hometown journalists. With all the links they provide for local bands and organizations, I can't think of a real reason they wouldn't want to add something about their local blogosphere.

That's my question, anyways...


hillary said...

There was a two-part article about local blogging that ran more than a year ago, but it wasn't related to that column, which is a newer thing.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Well, I looked up 'Bloggers' on the Flagpole searcher and came up with 10 articles.

Two kind of stuck out: "Geek Speak" from 2003 (2003?) is more of a 'how to get started' article.

The big dog I found was "Restart, Reload" which actually is a rundown on a few local Athens bloggers. (Antidisengenuousmentarianism actually gets some major ink, as does Athens World and Athens 101). But even this article is a 2004 piece.

I don't know, after reading y'all's stuff since my initiation to Classic City Cyberspace in January, it would seem to me that you guys would get more love from the Flagpole, champion of all things local.

hillary said...

Yes, but Flagpole only has so many writers, and a lot of what gets covered is dependent on who's there and available and dependable and wants to do it. You could always email Pete and ask what's up.

Patrick Armstrong said...

True, true. I already submitted an email to "outthere" regarding this thread. But I was still surprised.

I wonder if they'd just print something sent in as a column? Kinda like Slate's Today's Blogs or MSNBC's Clicked?


hillary said...

Both Bunny (Melting Dolls) and Mike Barthel (Clap Clap) kinda do that already, as in you can often read a column on their sites before it gets printed in slightly different form in the Flagpole.

hillary said...

But also, I think you may think Flagpole is cooler than it actually is. Just because some cool people work there and write for it doesn't necessarily equate to the whole paper/magazine knowing what the hell is going on culturally.

lefty said...

i'd love to talk to the lovely folks at flagpole about the blogging. :)