Sunday, April 23, 2006

I wonder if this will (help) jumpstart the Democrats....

Must....focus....message. This guy has the right idea. I'm glad we've got some folks working on it.

"Vote for us, we're not Republicans" is not a message. It never is, it never will be. No, not even this year.

We've got to enunciate clearly what we hope to accomplish, propose realistic ways to accomplish those things, and deliver when and where we already can.

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dadvocate said...

Excellent point. There are plenty of people like myself who are willing to vote Democratic but "not being Republican" is not a good enough reason.

The Republicans got to where they are largely due to the Contract with America, which they've largely abandon. If the Democrats could make the same sort of cohesive statement of goals, without some of the more radical elements, they can repeat the feat.