Sunday, April 30, 2006


Left-off Empires Fall tells us about tomorrow morning:
"In case you've had your head in a hole for the past two weeks, there are going to be massive protests on May 1 for immigrant rights.
I strongly suggest that you participate."

Having already bloviated about illegal immigration here and here, I feel I have adequately covered my feelings on the topic. That would perhaps explain why my eyes were attracted to one comment in particular:
"A May Day Celebration (or the "Take Your Sick Day" Day) smacks of socialism (or worse yet, a communist plot to overthrow our government)! I don't agree. I would encourage every unemployed worker to take a picture ID and Social Security card to a place of employment that is missing 90% of its workers on May 1st and apply for a job!"
- Plez

(I went over and visited plezWorld and he will soon be added to the blogroll here. He may be a Georgia Tech fan, but his 'ringing endorsement' of Rep. McKinney was well worth it.)

But back to May Day and our forthcoming massive protests, DADvocate has his own plan of action. Tomorrow may be a really big day, and it may alter the political landscape in America, this is a big issue and probably won't go away all that soon. We're sure to hear some hysteria in the news.

Then again - it could just turn out to be another Monday. I'll be chomping donuts and drinkin' coffee.

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dadvocate said...

Thanks for the mention. Except for emailing my Senators and Representative, I'll have a regular day too.

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