Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Monkeys? Not the *bleep*ing Monkeys!

A nice volley of praise to whoever can spot what movie the title blurb came from first.

Apparently, squirrel monkeys in the London Zoo have been placed in a "no barrier" encolsure. No barrier enclosures are all the rage nowadays at zoos. They allow the visitors to practically walk right up to the animals (and as a result require me to constantly chase down my daughter with her Elmira-from-Tiny-Toons tendencies with animals). Well it appears that visitors attempting to talk on their phones or take pictures with their phones are having their phones stolen from them by said monkeys. The problem was so bad that the zoo had to train the monkeys not to steal the phones (through some good old-fashioned negative reinforcement).

Too bad movie theaters and universities don't employ squirrel monkeys.


Patrick Armstrong said...

That would be an ettiquette monkey instead of a trunk monkey.

petallic said...

My only experience with non-barrier environments was in Gibraltar several years ago. My enjoyment of the moment ended when a macaque leaped from the hood of the vehicle onto my back. Rule #1 with macaques: you don't touch them, you let them touch you. Imagine my dismay.

Ah, good times.

Dante said...

Was this one of those drive through zoos, Petallic? If so, I'm surprised they could get the animals to actually come up to you. We used to have a drive through zoo back in Dallas, TX. After three years of animals not coming to the cars and staying so far away that they could only be seen with a handy pair of binoculars (making it only slightly enjoyable than seeing the animals on TV), the zoo finally folded and shipped their animals off to the Dallas Zoo.

And for those keeping score at home, the title blurb I used was dug up from the utter depths of obscurity. It came from the Jerky Boys movie (yes, movie). Ozzy Ozbourne had a small cameo and delivered this line which happened to be about the only funny line in the whole movie. And the only thing that made this line funny at all was that back when the movie came out, we hadn't already followed Ozzy around for a few years so hearing his constant stream of obsceneties was a bit of a novelty and somewhat amusing back then. He was refering to the band. What's really sad is that I can no longer remember the context.

Dante said...
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petallic said...

Notice I said "non-barrier environment," not "non-barrier zoo."

It wasn't a zoo at all; it was the Rock of Gibraltar. Part of the touristy hoo-ha includes getting out of the SUV to try and feed the macaques. They were really cute but a bit on the brave side considering tourists feed them everyday all day long. They know you have food in your pocket, so they go right in and get it.

As to the phone-snatching, I think it's hilarious. I'd get one as a pet and keep it in my classroom. A student who was out sick today called another student during class to ask what work he was missing. I was almost angry, but it was so cute I couldn't be.