Saturday, April 01, 2006

Oh, Cynthia, How I've Waited for this Day...

It finally happened.

It's taken 20 some-odd years, and who knows how many rude gestures at the sign announcing her 'parkway' in Avondale, but it's finally happened.

She finally snapped.

I don't know about you, but PUNCHING A COP is not generally all that high on my list of things to check off in life.

What made her snap, might you ask? The Capitol Police officer failed to recognize her when she went around the security check-in, which, like being able to trade stock on inside tips, is yet another perk afforded our illustrious representatives.

The officer might have failed to recognize Jihad Cindy, since she's gone from the braided hairstyle she's worn forever and ever to something out of the Dionne Warwick collection.

Oh, and, apparrently, this all has to do with race, as it always has, with Cindy. But don't worry. Nancy Pelosi says to not make a big deal of this.

Really, Nancy? So, a member of Congress assaults a Capitol Police officer, and, according to you, it's not a big deal? Fantastic.

This just plays into the grand plan that paT and I have concocted to get rid of Cindy once and for all. But we can't detail that just yet...give us til 2008 or so...

EDIT: - I didn't want to believe that this could get any better, but, as it usually does, it has gotten even better. Now, Cynthia, with a cadre of schoolchildren behind her, is claiming that the officer assaulted her, and that her sex, race, and 'progressiveness' were at the root of the assault.

Quoth, the shrill one's legal counsel:
Myart further called the incident racial profiling and said there was "no excuse" for Capitol Police not recognizing his client, and Raffauf said she was stopped solely because of her race, gender and politics.

"It is the job of the Capitol Police to protect members of Congress. As a part of that job, they are to know who those members are," he said. "Whenever you put a police officer out on the street, he is supposed to know his job."

Members of Congress are allowed to bypass the metal detectors and security checkpoint. They are supposed to wear a lapel pin that identifies them as lawmakers. McKinney acknowledges she wasn't wearing one when she was stopped, but concurred with Myart that police should know who she is.

"The pin is not the issue," the six-time congresswoman said. "The issue is face recognition."

You mean to tell me, that had she been wearing her Congressional Lapel Pin, she could have come in sprayed up like a cast member of Black.White, and no one would have batted an eye, yet, since she chose to not wear said pin, the officer on duty, not recognizing the High Sea-Hag of District 4, DID HIS JOB, and is therefore the purveyor of the assault?

Do yourself a favor, Cindy. Resign. Do it now while you still have a little face to save.


dadvocate said...

What I love about this is how a member of the political party that supposedly champions the blue collar working stiffs attacks a blue collar working stiff when they themselves are clearly in the wrong. Cynthia is such a victim.

patsbrother said...

Though I don't have love for the woman, look at it in these terms:

Punching a stranger for touching you...

...shooting a friend in the face.

In light of their behavior towards the latter, why aren't Republicans going out of their way to justify the former? I ask because, at very least, I know of no Democrat who is so far coming up with wild theories as to justify Ms. McKinney's behavior. Unlike Republicans and the poor Texas lawyer, no Democrat is placing blame on the officer (other than Ms. McKinney, that is).

I will point out that Mr. Belafonte was there to support a friend, not to indict the officer. I feel that if Mr. Belafonte can restrain himself and not take a side as to what happened, you know Ms. McKinney was in the wrong.

If the far-left crazies can show decorum when one of their own does wrong, why can't the same be said for the other side?

GP said...

I hope nobody buys this bullshit. McKinney came out with a statement saying she "regretted the incident" the day after it was reported. This is the standard response that people put out when they are considering the way they are going to handle an issue.

The next day she says that she's a victim of "being in congress while black." This is a transparent ploy to exploit racial tensions to her advantage. Cynthia is an embarassment to her party and to those who actually fought for civil rights. Her antics provide ammunition for those that want to depict Democrats as crazy, far left nut-jobs.

This whole incident could be blown out of proportion. Hell, if a cop grabbed me with no warning, my instinct would be to punch them as well, but to invoke racism in an attempt to save her image is disgusting. We're all stocked up on crazy here Cynthia.

dadvocate said...

patsbrother - There is a large qualitative difference between a hunting accident and an intentional act of defiance, arrogance and conceit. McKinney's was the latter. This is a 50 year old woman. She should know better if nothing else. Her own father was a police officer. Her claim of being a "victim" is so ridiculous it's beyond imagination.

BTW gp - I always check out who a person is before I punch them and I never punch a policeman.

GP said...

You're a better man than me Dadvocate. If someone lays their hands on me with no warning, my immediate instinct is to protect my personal space. Unfortunately, Cynthia probably ignored the warning and punched the guy anyway.

S.A.W.B. said...

pb, I can't believe you're trying to analogize the two incidents, but since you did...

While it was rather unfortunate that VP Cheney shot his friend in the face with birdshot, the difference between the two incidents is how the aftermath was handled. VP Cheney apologised to his friend, who recognized that it was, in fact, an accident, apologised for the incident, and was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by the local constabulary.

Rep. McKinney has not apologised for striking the officer, has played the race card, has only expressed regret that the incident took place, and is being charged with a crime. She has not, as of yet, accepted any role in any wrongdoing, which is the most ridiculous part of the whole thing.

Harry Belafonte(also known in these parts as Mr. January), and Danny Glover were there as window dressing as far as I can tell, though I'm waiting for a statement about the matter from either one, as I need something to giggle at this morning.

Dante said...

Relax, SAWB. Let PB and his buddies high five each other and say things like, "Oh yeah, well Cheney shot somebody in the face! BOO YEAH!" while the rest of America doesn't connect the two incidents (mainly because they're not all that similar). Then when Democrats lose another round of elections, they can sit there and cry about how they just didn't get their message out while the rest of us know better.

Oh, and do your best not to get rid of McKinney if you don't mind, SAWB. That district is never going to vote for a conservative. The best we can hope for is that they elect the worst liberal possible (which they have indeed done).

patsbrother said...

Dude, y'all:
Do y'all read?

My comment was about other people's reactions to the two incidents, not the incidents themselves.

Yes, Mr. Cheney apologized (bravo), but in the week it took him to do so, Republican pundits came out of the woodwork to vindicate Mr. Cheney by trying to place the blame on the victim.

That's all my comment was about.

Oh, that and the comments made by Mr. Belafonte and Mr. Glover, to which your link directed me, which were uncharactistically rational.

Extraneous people: like you and me.

Dante said...

I can read quite well, PB. You compared two incidents to show the reactions from each side of the political spectrum on each. Rather than even bothering to refute the argument based on the connection you provided, I decided to directly attack that premise (that the two incidents are similar). My reasoning is that since your very premise is flawed, your entire argument is as well.

Even playing into your incorrect premise, pointing out that the hunter who was shot should've followed proper hunting protocol but didn't doesn't fall into the camp of "[coming] out of the woodwork to vindicate Mr. Cheney by trying to place the blame on the victim" in most people's book. If McKinney had a similar defense, I'm sure the left would be using it but unless Congressmen go into that area throwing punches and McKinney's punch accidentally connected with the officer who should've announced his presence to avoid getting punched in the first place, I just don't think they have a good excuse for her behavior.

Patrick Armstrong said...

What exact 'wild theories' were used to 'vindicate' a hunting accident? All I saw about the hunting accident were bad jokes and political cartoons. The wildest theory I heard about the Cheney hunting accident was that it was a hunting accident. Maybe Cheney swung too fast, maybe the lawyer was on the wrong side of a hunting line. Both are indicative of an accident: actions taken unintentionally that result in some type of harm.

Sometimes, as they say, accidents happen.

The only 'controversey' considering the Cheney hunting accident was the length of time it took for the MSM to be informed about it.

People who are familiar with life know that accidents can happen. People who are familiar with the practice of hunting and who are familiar with guns know that, when accidents happen involving guns, someone often must make a surprise, unplanned and unwanted visit to the emergency room.

Cynthia McKinney is a Congresswoman. She intentionally struck a cop. Not just any cop, but one of the cops whose job it is to protect the Capitol. They got shot at not too many years ago, if I recall, and one died trying to defend Ms. McKinney, among other people.

If I, or anyone who reads this blog, had struck a cop for any reason, we would be in jail right now speaking with an attorney arranging bail.

If Ms. McKinney truly felt unjustly treated by a police officer, she is a Congresswoman. She can do any number of things to correct that injustice.

But she straight up hit a cop.

Not only does this make me sick because of the action & follow up race baiting - I happen to know many cops and agents of all colors very, very, very well - it also makes me ashamed of the people who represent the Democratic Party nationally.

Cynthia McKinney should be subjected, at the absolute very least, to a Democratic Caucus censure. Every single other elected Democrat should boldly and loudly proclaim that such behavior is not representative of a Democrat, a sitting member of Congress, or anyone for that matter, because we are a nation of laws - and no one is above the law.

That should have happened in an emergency Caucus session on Friday night.

But the Democrats who have been such a success losing national elections for the last 12 years seem hellbent on 1) not doing the right thing and 2) continuing to loose. How can any Democrat run against corrupt and lawbreaking Republicans when we won't even condemn a Democrat who more flagrantly violates more obvious laws?

dadvocate said...

Excellent points, Patrick.

Heck, I don't fully believe the official story regarding Cheney's hunting accident but I do believe it was an accident.

Remember when Al Gore was screened at airport security (twice), which was absolutely ridiculous. To his credit, Mr. Gore made no fuss over this. Yet, Cynthia McKinney can't follow the rules for entering the Capitol building of which I would assume Congress has a significant say.

hillary said...

But she never _has_ followed the rules, as far as I'm aware. I believe her point on racism is that she was grabbed rather more quickly than a white dude would've been, which doesn't seem so very shocking or unlikely to me. Her response was, of course, out of line.