Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sidebar Edits: Features

As you can see off to the right, we've added a few features to the sidebar. This started back when we started this blog when we added The Sports Page. (I'm still interested in kicking up a music & arts section and toying with an idea of an "R" rated section)

After that, one feature I added was the "Journal of New Orleans" (to which I was supposed to have other contributors...cough, cough...).

Now, in the spirit of the election year, and the fact that SAWB has joined the chorus, I have the "Dream Conservative/Republican Platform" section and the "Dream Democratic Platform" sections. Notice, if you will, the C/R has an actual platform, but no detailed planks (plans), and the D has planks (plans), but no overall platform. I'm sure that will change shortly (but I think just that observation is both funny and telling). Submissions encouraged, y'all and debate is what we're here for.

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