Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The War on Punk Rock

A man was held off a flight in London for singing Clash lyrics. He was released after questioning. Why can't they just round up the Good Charlotte fans? I think it is a clear cut case discrimination. But the guy seems to be a good sport about it.

Reminds me of the time I was questioned by the police (3 times in 24 hours!!) during Island City's G8 weekend for wearing a red bandana. (Repectfulness kept me out of any unplesant situations, though. Maybe I should give etiquette lessons to unruly Congresswomen...)

I guess that's just the price to pay for a life of rock & roll.


Laddi said...

Well over half the crap on the radio and all of MTV is terrorism to my ears and eyes. I'll be making some phone calls today.

Dante said...

If that's what they do to Clash fans, I'd hate to see what they do to Sex Pistils or Misfits fans.

I also think it was a clear cut case of discrimination, but not necessarily on the police's part. From what I read in the article, the cabbie phoned in the punk rocker. What were the police supposed to do? Ignore the call? That's never going to happen because no matter how silly it may have been, if that cab driver were right about the his passenger being a terrorist and the police ignored him, there would be heck to pay.

As an aside, it's a sad day when MSNBC has to actually explain the lyrics of the title song on the only band that matter's best album. Shouldn't we all know the lyrics to "London Calling" or am I just getting old?

And Pat, how do you get questioned 3 times in 24 hours because of your red bandana? I'd think after the first one (at worst the second) I'd just retire the bandana for the day. That's kind of like a QB throwing 5 INTs. It shouldn't happen because they should be riding the pine after 3.

Patrick Armstrong said...

The first one was very early afternoon. They came for the bandana and stayed because I also had a camera. It was, perhaps, not the best tactical decision on my part to include both of those partikkular items on my person at the same time.

I got what would be considered in some circles a very stern talking to, and my presence (and the presence of a co-worker stopping to say 'hi') required the attention of two police cruisers and two police SUV's.

The second incident occured almost 12 hours later after closing time, but 'I had a few beers so I didn't want to drive home' is apparently the golden key when answering the question 'what are you doing out here so late at night?'

The third incident actually came about because a different group of police officers (who were handling a drunk and disorderly individual on the same block) noticed that I had taken the bandana off minutes after my second stop of the day. They actually asked me why I had taken it off.

Patrick Armstrong said...

And to finish, when an officer of the law asks you "why did you take off your red bandana?" the answer is never, ever, evereverever: "because it seemed to be attracting too much attention."