Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Anti-Incumbent Vote

Y'all know I love talking politics with conservatives like SAWB, Dante, VDOPM, DADvocate.

Conservative Atlanta blogger RightOnPeachtree is quickly joining that list. The man puts strong feelings into words about how really real conservatives like him are growing unhappy with the Out-of-Touch GOP and losing faith in the President.

Remember, this doesn't mean ROP is going to vote for Democrats, or even plans to give Democrats a chance. But the GOP can't afford to loose plugged in voters like him. And I'd bet, if the Democrats would realize that this voter frustration cuts across Party lines and get involved with some serious good government, they may pick up more than a few votes from across the aisle.


dadvocate said...

I have to agree with ROP on almost every point. I certainly lost faith in Bush. He's not even conservative. I'm not sure what he is but it's certainly not intelligent.

I'll probably vote for my Republican Congresswoman but she's only been in office a short time. She was elected in a special election when the previous Congressman resigned.

I like the Republican gubenatorial candidate in Ohio, Ken Blackwell, also (not an incumbent). Otherwise, especially in 2008, I may vote Libertarian (which I've done at least 3 times) and/or challenger.

rightonpeachtree said...
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rightonpeachtree said...

Thanks for the reference to ROP, Patrick.

You've heard of road rage, right? Well, I think I've invented couch rage. Everytime I hear our moronic sell-out of a president start talking about immigration, I begin to scream at the TV. Honestly, I'm surprised my neighbors haven't called the police on me. And it's not just reserved for him. I also yell at the dim-bulb senators who just don't care what the voters think. And the House, while on the right side of the illegal invasion issue, is still largely as dumb as a bag of hammers.

I swear, I think I need to get on some kind of anti-anxiety pill. My head's going to explode.

I'm hoping that some tough-on-immigration conservatives will run as Republicans this fall. If not, though, I would definitely take a look at socially conservative Dems. This bunch of pols up there now isn't worth the paper their lobbyist bribe offers are written on.