Thursday, May 04, 2006

Flip Flops

President Fox said he was gonna vote for decriminalization before he voted against it.
"There are concerns the measure could increase drug use by border visitors and U.S. students who flock to Mexico on vacation."

It say we're a little too late to worry about all that, but I guess we got to keep up appearances.
"Hard-partying U.S. teens and college students have long crossed the Rio Grande to knock back cheap beers and tequila shots in Mexico away from the watchful gaze of parents, teachers and police.
“When I heard the news I said, ‘Mexico is going to be the new Amsterdam,’” said Texan student Matthew Flores, 23"

I bet his Mama's proud.

What I found interesting is that local police couldn't arrest drug dealers, and that this law is actually designed to allow them to. Only the Federales were allowed to touch the dealers before this law, (which deepens the suspicion, in my liberal brain's Conspiracy Gland, that Corrupt Old Mexico is indeed running a state sponsored racket).

But, I think I already know the real reason President Fox is choking on this bill: he looks north across the Rio Grande and sees 11 million hippies ready to cross that border and set up drum circles...

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lagnsfit said...

One thing that caught my eye in this law was the intention of only "recognized addicts" as being exempt from prosecution. I guess this changes the meaning of three-strikes type laws to be in the criminals favor - Three strikes and your free to dope!