Thursday, May 18, 2006

Holy Captain Obvious

Apparently, in 2006, storms will lash the coast of the United States. While I consider this part of our yearly 'hurricane season.' It is also called, in many places, 'nor'easters' or perhaps in some remote locations, 'winter.' These devestating events are something that has been a consistent and yearly occurance for pretty much my entire life. I know this because I watch the Weather Channel or even NOAA, or have seen these stroms lashing the coast with mine own eyes.

But, Pat Robertson - loneley here these many months free of Jackass Nomination - is getting his weather forecasts straight from the top. According to Robertson's Ominous Biblical Barometer of Earthly Destruction (ROBBED), we may even be bad enough to get hit with a tsunami this year.

But we're definitely getting some storms in 2006. Pat Robertson says that God has let him in on the secret.


GP said...

If Robertson gets messages from god, why hasn't god warned him not to say all of the dumbass things that get him in trouble every 6 months or so?

dadvocate said...

gp - God has a sense of humor too.

"Hey, watch this, I can get ole Pat to say anything!"

Dante said...

Get him in trouble? Trouble with who? Not his regulars. That's for sure. I imagine Mr Robertson spends a very large portion of his day not caring what folks like us think about what he has to say. His base still loves him even if he does think that storms are a direct result of God's wrath and that there are a few dictatros who may need a good old-fashioned assasination.