Thursday, May 25, 2006

Making the Rounds

This Week in the Blogs I Read

DADvocate talks about parenting and follows it up with more bragging on his kids. But that's OK, we need some good kids in the world (and, by God, we need to hear about them).

Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered is taking a job organizing Democrats in Iowa, hopefully this does not spell doom for one of the best political information sources in Georgia.

Hillary points to even more criticism of the surprisingly embattled Flagpole music editor over his coverage of the AthFest CD. We'd made mention of this last week but I missed the new dig in this week's issue of the Flagpole. This may seem a small topic, but since we talk about music and media a lot, I thought I'd point it out. She also links to a comprehensive piece on Athens Hip-Hop, which I will do as well, written by the same embattled music editor.

Athens Politics delves into the politics of banning gay marriage in Georgia. We're going over this again because the voter-approved referendum has been overturned, mainly because the referendum was conducted in a Constitutionally unsound way. I don't think it is Judicial Activism to uphold the exact letter of the law, is it?
Andre covers the issue as well.

Quadruple Keg Stand links to Slate's "Blogging the Bible" series. This is interesting, condensed Bible reading, and I've enjoyed every entry. The author has currently made it up to Jacob's crazy family life in Genesis.

Dangerblond rounds up some national media reaction to Ray Nagin's election, and we'll just say the overally reaction ain't good. I'm a bigger fan of her take on the election. I've said it before and I'll say it again, It seems to me that the national media was warming up New Orleans' funeral dirge even as Katrina was turning north in the Gulf. After 9/11 we didn't ask if we should negotiate with the terrorists, did we? We knew we had to fight them, and we've spent billions doing so. Winning requires a working plan, serious implementation and billions of tax dollars. Why is it, then, that we're willing to give New Orleans up to standing water? You can't negotiate with hurricanes, either.* All New Orleans needs to be safe is a working plan, serious implementation and billions of tax dollars.

(*And if you want to argue that point, riddle me this: why do we keep rebuilding Florida? And, no, giving up Florida, too, is not an acceptable answer.)

Gulfsails continues his assault on the media. It occured to me again, reading this, about how similar the critiques are concerning how mainstream media is reporting on both Iraq and New Orleans.

And here's yet another reason New Orleans is worth our time. This is not a city of people who do not care. From the Metroblog.

Closer to home, fellow Island City resident Coastal Companion writes about the joys of living at the intersection of Bad Parenting and Pool Maintenance. (PG 13)

And TAN celebrates sticking it to the man.


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