Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Sunburn Open Thread

Sorry I've been lax on posting this weekend, 'twas Memorial Day after all and that stuff gets crazy down here on Island City. Though we redifined rambunctious at last year's Memorial Day hellraisin', this year there were no supermodel neighbors and no Brantley County Bandit to keep up with, so my weekend was unusually tame.

I started going through old photos and putting them in photo albums. I know. How exciting. But that's OK, I got sunburned, too.

So, I'm opening the thread again. This time, tell us about your Memorial Day weekend (Coastal Companion does this with his Poolside Drive-By Barbecue) or about someone you think about on Memorial Day, in honor of our veterans. (DADvocate does this for his old friend Tex).

1 comment:

petallic said...

No barbecues or such for me. I did, however, kill a snake for the first time in my life. I beat it to death with a mop, and then I cried.

I have not had the fortitude to remove it from my sidewalk, where it slithered in its death throes. It is now a sun-baked mess, mouth agape, smushed.

Eh. Good times.