Sunday, May 21, 2006

Monday Morning Coffee

So, Nagin won the Mayor's race in New Orleans, and some of the bloggers are ticked off, some of them are concilatory and a few folks have some choice words for the Republicans who gave him that victory.

Speaking of Republicans, here's some Monday moring thoughts on the Impending Impeachment Incident. Please feel free to comment.


petallic said...

As long as Democrats are made up of tree-hugging liberals (like myself), there's little chance for a fair fight. It's like asking why the decent soldiers in Abu Ghraib did little to nothing, or why Ralph didn't fight Jack harder in Lord of the Flies. The civilized dude is so shocked by the indecency and barbarism of the perpetrator that one doesn't know what to do.

It doesn't matter that we know things are going down in the White House (and not in a wholesome Monica Lewinsky kind of way), 'cause we're too afraid to look behind the curtain and see what shenanigans the wizard is really up to.

S.A.W.B. said...

Speaking from the side of the bullying ape-men, I'm breathlessly awaiting evidence of anything resembling a 'high crime and misdemeanor' out of the Oval Office. Lemme know when you find some.

Dante said...

I hate to tell everyone this but just like with McKinney's ousting, there aren't enough Republicans to do squat in the voting district by themselves. The Republicans may or may not have been the straw that broke the camel's back but they're still only a straw. It took a good chunck of card-carrying Democrat voters to give Nagin that victory. If you want to be upset with somebody, you ought to blame the Democrats in New Orleans who gave Nagin a shot to begin with instead of all 3 Republicans in the city.

Just to end on a lighter note, you can also blame Democrats who let somebody named Mitch run for office. Like I said earlier, that sort of thing can make or break a candidacy. At least he wasn't named Kent Landrieu.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Luckily, Petallic, Democrats are also made up of bloody red meat eating, football watching, booze drinkin', hard rocking, chain smoking, hellraisin', bloody nose and hobnail boot to ass Southern Liberals like me. But you keep fightin' fair, tell me how that works out for you.

As for New Orleans, (Dante) and Nagin being a Republican before he was a Democrat before he became a Republican again, there are plenty of Republicans in New Orleans. They just know how to act like an Opposition Party, and play the 'coalition government' card you have spoken of in the past. That's why both Cohig and Boule (the two openly Republican candidates for Mayor) will both have seats at the table in Nagin's 100 Days commission.

patsbrother said...

Please alert me when all this hellraisin' and dirty dancin' becomes noticeable to bystanders and passersby. I mean, at least the Yeti leave footprints.

petallic said...

I have to say you come across as more of a southern gentleman than a hellraiser. Have you ever actually had a bloody nose or been in an actual fight? (This is not a criticism; just an observation.)

I think the persona you've adopted more accurately describes Wendy, who is not a Democrat, from what I can tell.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Sprout: Of all the people who could question my ability to raise hell, you are - by far - the least among them. If you want to see Yeti footprints, you have to at least go to places where the Yeti is rumoured to be seen. You will never, ever see much hellraisin,' especially any hellraisin' that I am specifically involved with, anywhere near Jittery Joe's in 5 Points.

Pettalic: Thank you for the Southern Gentleman compliment. I must mention, however, that raisin' hell is actually the responsibility of a Southern Gentlemen. I must also mention that raisin' hell need not have anything to do with actual physical violence. I can't recall ever being in a real fight, but I do recall breaking up, verbally or physically, well over 50 of them. Every bloody nose I ever got from physical violence came from a mosh pit or from patrons of the Georgia Theatre during the last Auburn - UGA game.

As far as Wendy is concerned, the description only fits about 50%. (No bloody meat, rare football & drinking, historical but not recent 'rocking out', bingo on chain smoking, definite hellraisier, wouldn't be caught dead being called either 'Southern' or 'liberal' - as she was raised in Texas.)

patsbrother said...

And yet still, between your hellraisin' and the Lock Ness Monster, the one grainy black-and-white picture of something sticking out of water is all the evidence we have of either.

Nice way to duck the question, senor: you're just like all the other politicians after all. (Which means the next time I'm on the Island, I will waste no time checking out your freezer.)