Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The NEW coolest guy who ever lived.

So in Georgia blowing a 0.08 on a breathalizer will get you a DUI. In Lithuania, that number is only 0.04 due to their severe problem with fatalities resulting from alcohol-related driving incidents. Lithuanian police recently pulled over 41-year-old truck driver Vidmantas Sungaila and gave him a breathalizer. He weighted in at 0.727. The police thought their machine was broken so they tested him on several different machines. The 0.727 figure was accurate. Anything over 0.35 can be fatal.

When the police asked about his drinking, Sungalia said that he had been drinking the night before and drank a beer for breakfast. Yeah right. According to my handy BAC calculator, a 150lb person could drink a liter of 80 proof liquor and still only blow a 0.61. This guy would've had to have had 26 shots of 80 proof liquor to achieve such a feat. No word yet from the good people at Guiness whether or not this is a record. The important thing to remember is that he was driving a large delivery truck when police found him. Most people can't tie their shoes when the hit 0.15 or so.

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