Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No Crying Over Spilt Guilt

George Will pipes up about the dangers of white guilt. What is this, the new War on Christmas?

I was born an American of Pasty Complexion, of Christian religion and of middle class means. I can tell you as God's honest truth right now, that the most guilt that was ever shoveled onto my shoulders was heaved up there by other Americans of Pasty Complexion. This guilt had not a thing to do with Americans of Various Other Complexions. This guilt had far more to do with the money, time and effort spent by other people (of Pasty Complexion) on things for me that I neither asked for nor needed.

From what I have grown to learn, this guilt is a widespread phenomena that generally follows generational lines or cuts across gender gaps. I think many people may quietly agree with me, but may not actually say anything for fear of reprisal (again, from other Americans of Pasty Complexion). I know I'm skatin' on thin ice just by bringin' it up.

Of all the Americans of Various Other Complexions I have known, none have ever tried to make me feel guilty for some percieved injustice. None of those folks have ever expected me to do something for them because of skin color. None of them seemed to be waiting around for the white man to come pick them up to prosperity. Not a one.

As a matter of fact, in the world of those Americans of Various Other Complexions, there seems to be a great deal of poking fun at the Pasty Complexioned Ones who do feel guilty based on skin color. (Please see also: Chappelle Show).

Come to think of it, if I didn't hear about white guilt stuff from other white people, I wouldn't know what white guilt was. To George Will I say: put down the sociology books, just for a little while, and turn on The Original Kings of Comedy.


dadvocate said...

...the most guilt that was ever shoveled onto my shoulders was heaved up there by other Americans of Pasty Complexion.

True. Makes no sense to me. Some insist we should feel guilty because of something someone else did 100 or 200 years ago. I can only be responsible for myself.

Shelby Steele says that "white guilt" is not so much feeling guilty as acting guilty.

Some people just can't be happy. My father once told me he had been feeling guilty. Since I could think of plenty of legitimate things for him to feel guilty about, such as dumping my mother for a younger woman, I wasn't surprised. BUT, I was surprised when he told me he didn't feel guilty about all that stuff. He felt quilty because he had been having so much fun with his new wife, etc. Ironically, a few months later his new wife dumped him and he was able to get back to "normal." I see a lot of feeling guilty about stuff we shouldn't and not about things we should.

Anonymous said...

God the Internet is a wonderful thing.

You make absolutely no sense, your syntax is painful and, yet, you get to spout off just like William Randolph Hearst.

Please, get an education!

Patrick Armstrong said...

Yup. The internet is a wonderful thing. Meaning that you don't have to read the websites you don't like. OR you can just comment anonymously with your disagreement.

Hope the aesthetic of insulting other people's opinions makes you feel proud.

Though I wonder why you took the time to comment, but not actually itemize your disagreements. Though the internet is powerful, it doesn't yet allow us to read minds.

But I appreciate your readership.