Thursday, May 04, 2006

Screw. You. Hippies.

This, boys and girls, is what we like to call, "Game, Set, and Match".

See kids, healthy living gets you just as dead as excess, so, drink up, Shriners.


Dante said...

What hippies own grills? Don't they just they just take a break from hugging the nearest tree, tank veggies out of the ground, and eat them au natural?

And losing your teeth is hardly equal to death.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Oh, I think SAWB's just been holding onto that title for too long. Vegetables are tasty when grilled and fried. So is meat. So are a lot of things.

Fizzy drinks may not do so well in the 'grilled and fried' category, but can still be tasty.

I will continue to eat what I want based on tasty goodness as opposed to acidity. Thus as it was, shall it ever be.

lagnsfit said...

I don't know patrick, I've heard Coca-Cola chicken is pretty good. You toss some veggies on the grill with that now and you're getting ready to buy your dentist a new car! In the end I agree with you, eat what's tasty, just buy a toothbrush to go with it.

S.A.W.B. said...

Actually, what i'm ranting about in the short, original version, is the incessant blathering of the veggie/vegan/hippie wing that their way is the only way to be actually healthy, and all of us meat-eating, soda and beer swilling, lunkheads are going to die early and leave ugly corpses.

To them I now say, HA HA! Eat your veggies, watch your teeth fall out, before I am able to punch them all out.

And yes, I have been sitting on that post title for a while, though I do reserve the right to recycle it as the need arises, like when they find out that vegetarians cause cancer...

patsbrother said...

SAWB, if consuming vegetarians causes cancer, wouldn't that support a finding that eating meat is more dangerous to your health? Or are you waiting for a statistic that says eating vegetarians is more dangerous than eating omnivores?

And assuming for a moment you don't mean eating vegetarian humans (though that is intriguing), aren't MOST of the delicious meats we eat from vegetarians, such as cow and chicken? Or are you eating bear and dog again?

S.A.W.B. said...

Tuna > all. Tuna = carnivore. You, sir, lose.

And I'm rooting for the notice that vegetarian diets, and high levels of exposure to vegetarians, such as, at a coffee shop, causes cancer. Most vegetarians look too stringy to eat anyway.