Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Technical Difficulties

As some of you may have noticed, your favorite debate blog vanished sometime this morning. I have no idea why that happened, but the template section was wiped clean of HTML. Luckily, all the posts were kept, but all of our customizations and links were wiped away like sandcastles on a beach.

I guess this will teach me that I need to back up HTML documents.

So, here's another chance to submit additions in the forms of links & what not to hurricane_radio. If y'all have some favorites, let us know, because the reconstruction period is beginning as of now.

Thanks for reading!



Dante said...

It looked like the same thing happened over at Georgisports.blogspot.com this morning. You might see if they were able to restore what they had without backup.

A link to the sports page would be a good start in rebuilding.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Not bad, hunh?

I even made the links so they'd open in new pages.


(But I have got to start finding some pictures to put up on this thing....)

Meredith said...

we used to laugh at the people who didn't back it up in my lab consultant days. at least you weren't standing in the back of the Tate lab banging your head into the wall for half an hour. ;p