Monday, May 22, 2006

Womp Rats

Friend of mine gets his photo in the newspaper (again). The first time he made the news was a picture of him actually making a respectable run of surfing on some of the ridiculously small Island City waves. This time it was for the First Annual Rafter's Womp Off.

Yes, I did brave the 90 degree temperatures, the clear blue skies, and the asphalt-without-flip-flops-tactical-error that was yesterday to witness the event. Though I didn't stay long (I apparently ended up arriving too late for the young ladies' hoola hoop competition), the Womp off was highly entertaining in and of itself.

Though there was some pretty decent skimboarding and some really impressive wipeouts, all with my boy Randy (AKA - Randle-El) running the show, you have not lived until the organizers of such an event call for the "Under 12 division" to hit the waves for 7 minutes of freestyle. The riot that ensued was bone crunchingly delicious, as what appeared to be 10-12 younglings with large wooden boards complete with two pointy ends began running towards one another, launching said boards in front of them and then jumping on top of said boards as fast as their pre-pubescent legs could carry them.

I left before the full chaos of the "7 minute session" was completed, so I don't know if any of the little rascals met their fate beneath those dirty green waves, but I do know that close to 200 well wishers were cheering loudly as I ambled back down the beach.


Dante said...

I think this is what you meant to link. This is just sad. Skimboarding? I'm glad I live near a lake where I can get pulled in the water by an internal combustion engine like the Lord intended instead of living by a no-wave-making part of the ocean where I'd have to rely on mother nature to give me the slight thrill of skidding on some water.

Somehow I just don't see "skimboarding" and "impressive wipeouts" working out together in the same sentence. Maybe if they stuck some rockets on the back of the board? That would be sweet.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Go and ask some of the folks who were down around these parts for The Island City 4th of July, 2005 if the terms 'skimboarding' and 'impressive wipeouts' work together in the same sentence. Though don't research that one too deeply, as you may find the terms 'hairy,' 'naked' and 'redneck' too close for comfort as well.