Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

This train is never late.

That's right, since the culturally correct have nothing else to offer the nation, they bring us Gay Marriage. Strange how this keeps popping up only in election years. Even the Decider himself is getting in on the act.

You know, I keep reminding folks that this debate is all about the special rights the legal (not to be confused with religious) ramifications a marriage grants people. If any other word - besides marriage - was used, people wouldn't care near as much. My Pops didn't seem to remember Vermont's Civil Unions at all. Or Hawaii's situation, either. But he By God knows about how wrong it is for gays to get married.

And that's why I can't stand this crap, because that's just what it is - crap. It is a non-issue that gets people all riled up over nothing. Nothing. If you don't want to be gay, then don't be gay, Sparky. Welcome to the sweet land of liberty.

'Cause if you think the culturally correct are going to stop there, think again. I've got Exhibit "A" all lined up for ya. Read that link. A city in the heartland is considering evicting a family from their home because the Mom and Dad ain't married. That's some Scarlet Letter, Inquisition meets Overzealous Nosy Neighbor steer poo right there. And that's where we're going to go if the culturally correct get their way.

A lot of folks see the play. Buzzzbee wonders if this will work again. AthPo was involved with the debate about the Georgia referendum some weeks ago, and Georgia Politics Unfiltered (also frustrated about the Georgia referendum) swore never to blog about this topic again. And that was before the latest round of national jackassery.

But I've got additional complaints that I will bring up here again: the attacks on the Judiciary. What kind of conservatives attack straight up rule of law? I guess their plan is just to discredit the Judicial Branch to eliminate that check against legislative mob rule. They even went so far as to advocate violence against judges, just last summer. What, you don't believe me? Maybe this is just my irrational liberal mindset, but I always thought the really real conservative way to get the support of the courts was to have convincing legal arguments.

Silly me.


Anonymous said...

Ponder this one: if gay marriage is to be legal in all states, then should polygamy be as well?

Patrick Armstrong said...

I wonder if we don't already have polygamy, or some form of it, practiced by society today.

patsbrother said...

Once again, the very principled distinction to be made on this issue: "Don't be piggy."

Marry who you want to marry. But like single file lines, just one at a time.

patsbrother said...

And was that rather mundane suggestion really so incendiary that you had to remain anonymous?

(Damn. I suppose my choice of adjectives answers my own question.)

petallic said...

Oh right, gay marriage will lead to legal polygamy. Just like gay marriage will lead to legal bestiality.

What a tired ass argument.

Anywho, straight divorcees have been practicing polygamy for years now. I think once you reach Divorce #3, they should retire your number or something.

S.A.W.B. said...

I'll wager that mr. anonymous is in favor of legalizing polygamy. If I felt like it, i'd go dig up the post/comment that was posted on one of the Gay Marriage threads a while back, by someone with a blog devoted to discussing legalizing polygamy.

Had mr. anonymous been one of the primrose-path-to-hell posters, it wouldn't have been a one-line post.

petallic said...

Oh right. I remember him now. Thanks, SAWB. That one snuck right past me, and I think I'm kind of okay with that. Garbage in/garbage out.

Dante said...

"I think once you reach Divorce #3, they should retire your number or something."

The great state of Texas actually does limit you to 2 divorces. It's not a big deal anymore though since they do recorgnize divorces from other states.

petallic said...

Wow. Leave it to Texas. They have an express lane to the electric chair, but they put their foot down on excessive divorces.

That's beautiful, man.