Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

As Palestinians inch closer to recognition of Israel and step back from the brink of civil war, Israel gets ready to re-invade Gaza.

'Cause it worked out so well for them last time.

Let me get this straight: Israel leaves Gaza, Hamas wins democratic elections in Palestine, end of world is predicted. End of world doesn't happen, Hamas & Fatah begin fighting each other. Nominal ceasefire stays in place during most of this (it ain't all quiet, but it ain't too loud neither). Hamas & Fatah negotiate about the recognition of Israel, and the idea that working together, they would have a monopoly of power against the fringe groups that continue to scuttle any peace deals. While this happens, a fringe group kidnaps an Israeli soldier, issues demands they know will not be met, effectively scuttling current peace deal. Israel prepares to invade Gaza and attack Hamas & Fatah.

That's like the police kicking my ass because I live on the same Island as some coke-heads. It don't make no damn sense.


Laddi said...

Patrick, what if the police warned you that they'd kick your ass if you and your island friends didn't find the coke-head and bring him to them. What would you do? There's no pressure like peer pressure.

patsbrother said...

What I am amazed that pat forgot to mention was the denial of responsibility for shelling a Palestinian family enjoying a nice day on the beach not too long ago.

The denial did not come in the form of "we weren't shooting; it was somebody else". The denial came in the form of "it is highly unlikely one of the missles we fired that day in that area was the one that hit the beach, and thus we are not responsible".

I'm not sure even the CIA has ever showed that much chutzpah and gall in denying responsibilty for malfeasance.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Actaully, I'm tired of that partikkular incident, as there is some controversey (presented by mostly the right wing) that Palestinans staged the beach explosion. We hit on this over at A La Gauche here & here, if you'd like to read it.

It occurs to me that the beach explosion incident is the one that sounds "most likely to be a real accident" no matter who is at fault, which is why I didn't actually include it here.

Patrick Armstrong said...

& Laddi: I'd probably end up with my ass kicked, is what I'd do.

Laddi said...

And so will the Gaza Strip, if the expected happens.