Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Citizenship Test

From MSNBC. Take it. See what you get without looking anything up. My score was a 95. (Extra credit: 2 points if you can tell me which question I missed.)


Dante said...

95 here. I muffed the 13 states question. I glossed over Kentucky in the list I picked.

I'm guessing Pat missed the Naturalization form question.

Didn't we all do one of these on the first or second day of our Political Science classes?

liberalandproud said...

I had a senior moment on the voting rights amendment thing. Also missed the naturalization form, which is the one I figure most of us would miss.

Laddi said...

100% here. I'd say you missed the Naturalization question as well, but I guess it's a little unfair that I have to occasionally, though indirectly, deal with that item at work whereas I'd guess 99.44% of US citizens do not.

S.A.W.B. said...

95% here too. I missed number 20 because I wasn't thinking. I'm guessing pat missed #19 as well.

patsbrother said...

90. I missed both 14 and 19.

I assume pat met with dumb luck on the Naturalization Hail Mary (why being able to answer something that specific, which is not even used anymore, is an arbiter of worthiness is beyond me).

I bet the one pat missed was 14, and for the same reasons I missed it.

Reason: it all depends on what your definitionof "select" is.

The President may appoint a nominee (thus, selecting the nominee from a large pool of individuals), but the Senate also selects the justices as they choose whether to confirm individual s to the Court (selecting, on a case by case basis, who actually fills a vacancy).

As the Senate is the final hurdle, I put Senate. I bet that's what pat did, too.

petallic said...

95% I missed #9.

My guess is you missed #14, for the same reason PB gave. The word "select" is tricky.

Dante said...

If you have to dig too deep for an answer on this type of test, you're doing something wrong. I thought about the Senate in #14 as they ultimately confirm the apointee, but my gut reaction was the President. "Appoint" more closely resembles "select" than "confirm" does.

hillary said...

90. Clicked the wrong button on voting rights (damn technology) and missed the 13 states question.