Friday, June 09, 2006


I picked up a new local mag (rag?) today called The Common Census. It's contents are at least somewhat diverting (including an entertaining column called The Best Arrests). But I needed to quote it on this:


An excerpt: Attacking President Bush's education and intelligence in a memo, "Streisand, a highschool dropout, ridiculed President Bush, a Yale and Harvard graduate, as being an arrogant, "C" student whose actions have "warrented" (one of her 11 "typos") impeachment proceedings."

What makes this even more classic is that "highschool" is really two separate words and that the comma that follows "arrogant" has no business being there as "arrogant" modifies "'C' student" and not "student".

I see this as the gift that keeps on giving. Bush = idiot. Steisand = idiot. The column's author = idiot. And, no doubt, one of you will find a way to add patsbrother = idiot.

And the beat goes on...


liberalandproud said...

The big difference between La Streisand and The Decider is that her job is singing, while he is head of state of an English-speaking nation. She really doesn't need a command of the English language, or even a shred of intelligence, to do her job. On the other hand, a shred of intelligence and precise communication skills sure come in handy when planning foreign policy. One wouldn't want to be "misunderestimated".

liberalandproud said...

I have another example of republicans trying so desperately to sound smart, but failing. This is an excerpt from a comment on Jack Kingston's blog:
"If you look at the utter importance with which al-Qaeda leadership placed in al-Zarqawi–you would see that there loss is monumental."

"with which"? And notice the very common mistake of using "there" instead of "their". It's one thing when they're wrong, but when they can't even seem to properly use the language, I start to feel sorry for them. The really sad thing is that this was posted by the Kingston blog's press staff.
If you'd like to read the rest of it, it's under the thread about Liberals being Dead Wrong. The link to the blog is in the Hurricane Radio sidebar.

patsbrother said...

Wow. If Standard English skills are not required to be on the press staff of a congressman, no wonder an English major won't get you very far. Perhaps someday I'll awe an employer with my dogged adherence to apostrophe rules.

bristolfrombrunswick said...

If patsbrother understands the rules for using apostrophes he should be President of the United States.

Incidentally, liberaland proud, all evidence indicates that the words "their" and "they're" have been banned by statute - at least on the 'net.