Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cutting & Running

But not from what you think...

Governor Katherine Blanco (D) has signed into law a ban on all pregnancy terminations in the state of Louisiana, exceptions being made when the life of the mother is at stake.
"The Louisiana ban would take effect if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Medicaid, which provides health benefits for the poor and disabled, requires funding for abortions in cases of rape or incest. Louisiana would allow those exceptions so long as it was required for Medicaid funding."

Now, seeing this, I am further convinced that Louisiana generally, and New Orleans in particular, is the true current front line of the culture war as well as the competency-in-government war. I think it has been this way since Katrina.

So what, pray tell, is the left-left's response? Cut & Run. I'm usually a fan of Kos & Atrios, but fellas, giving up on Louisiana & New Orleans is what we have blasted the other side for. I was absolutely shocked at the comments sections. I ain't a big fan of this trigger law either, but (unlike the left-left, apparently) I actually have to deal with neighbors, friends and family who are. Write off Louisiana? A Southern state that voted for Bill Clinton twice?? To me, it would seem that this move is the clarion call to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

Needless to say, this stance by the boys has drawn some choice words from Crescent City Cyberspace: Suspect Device has a good place to start.
Oh, and Duncan? Markos? Don't think for a second that I will even consider donating time or money to any of the candidates for whom you solicit. My money needs to stay here, to make up for the dozens of dollars you no doubt would have spent, and I will continue to remind my circle of readers that however progressive or positive or needy any candidate in another state might be, we do indeed have more important things to attend to here at home.
Big, fat hat tip to Humid City for this one.


Dante said...

I'm getting a little sick of this walking and chewing gum argumentation that's going on:

How can Blanco sign an abortion ban when Louisiana got hit by a hurricane so recently?!

She's going to the bathroom?! That insesitive clod! Louisiana still hasn't recovered from Katrina but Blanco has time to pee?!

I'll bet if Blanco signed some sort of socialist program into law, those folks would've forgiven her from taking precious time away from hurricane recovery.

Despite the devastation from the hurricanes, state business must go on. Most of the state wasn't even directly affected by the huricane.

Louisiana is a very conservative in the European sense kind of state. That's going to cause rifts with both American conservatives and American liberals. Both sides of the political isle should've learned to deal with that by now.

RightOnPeachtree said...

Louisiana politics confuse me. I was surprised to see that Blanco signed this. I had no idea that she had socially conservative leanings (if she does). And didn't Nagin switch from one party to another pretty recently? I remember that Breaux used to be considered a moderate Dem from Louisiana.

Whenever I see something like this, I (sadly) assume that it's just pandering and purely a political move. Maybe she's worried about shifting demographics due to Katrina.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Do keep in mind that this is a trigger law. If Roe is overturned, then this law would still make exceptions for health of the mother (protecting the exception I'd say 99% of Americans agree with) and, through Medicade, possibly make exceptions for rape or incest (protecting an exception I think about 80% of Americans agree with).* This law is a double edged sword that is mostly symbolic and has far too many parts that are "if/then's" to really know what effect it would really have.

As far as Nagin switching parties, he may as well have. But again, I may feel that way because Louisiana Republicans may actually know how to be on opposition party and make coalition style decsions.

Louisiana politics are very different mainly because the way they set up their elections. From what I know of it, the 'primaries' appear non-partisan with the top two vote getters running off. I may be wrong about that, though. I would hope some of our Crescent City Readership might clarify that.

(* - Those numbers are based solely off my opinions and experiences, not any goofy but real survey...)