Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I always wonder what happens when people put too many eggs in a basket. Democrats put too much on the San Diego special election for the "Dukester's" seat. Though they lost by less than a touchdown, they still got excoriated in the news today for not capitalizing on the 'perfect storm' of government corruption.

I personally found interesting the Alabama Repubublican Primary, which got small mention in the media today.

The blurb:
Elsewhere, Alabama Gov. Bob Riley easily beat back a GOP primary challenge from Ten Commandments judge Roy Moore, while Democratic former Gov. Don Siegelman — who campaigned while on trial on corruption charges — lost his comeback fight against the state’s first female lieutenant governor. Also in Alabama, voters passed a ban on gay marriage by a 4-to-1 margin.
Riley said voters saw state government has changed while he has been in office. “People appreciated the difference in the level of corruption we had in the past and the corruption we don’t have today,” he said. His challenger, Moore, said: “God’s will has been done.”

If anyone was wondering what a real 'activist judge' looks like, you can do some research on " Judge Ten Moore Commandments," who was forced out of the Alabama Supreme Court for being too crazy. I'm glad the Alabama voters rejected him.

I wonder what that says for the right wing who only focus on stirring up culture war. Riley, while a principled man, is much like the filp side of the Jimmy Carter coin. I don't agree with a whole lot of Riley, but he's not just grandstanding. While I don't think Alabama is going to go Blue any time soon, I wonder how long the Libertarian - Republican coalition will last when their only choice in some states is between folks like Riley or Moore.

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