Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Enemies of Democracy

Who goes on this list? What evil forces conspire to rob us of the liberties, freedom and civil service to which we are so accustomed? What creeping insiduousness must we fear, in the dark of night, slowly dismantling the American Way Of Life?

I can think up a couple of dozen names. I could probably think up a coupla hundred names. But on that list I create, John Stewart's name appears exactly nowhere. I guess that just goes to show how badly the wool has been pulled over my eyes.

That's right, folks, The Daily Show is America's Enemy. Who knew we were so fragile, that our Democratic institutions could be pulled assunder by a fake news program?


liberalandproud said...

It's too bad those college students react to the Daily Show with apathy. It usually makes me want to do something about the system, not withdraw from it completely. Viewers of the Daily Show are fed up with the establishment, so they choose to not vote? What a shame! We've got to get those slackers involved.

petallic said...

See, this amuses me. The Daily Show makes me want to vote more than I already do. Fox News makes me want to give up altogether.

I love how they call the show Jon Stewart's, as though it didn't exist when Craig Kilborn was hosting. Which it pretty much didn't.

patsbrother said...

Um, if a show shines bad light on the two major candidates, when there is no longer any chance of changing that dynamic, how does a voter "change things" in that election? If your choices are A or B and you want neither, I believe you are unlikely to waste your time writing in the protest "Oscar the Grouch" vote (although I would love to be in that muppet's trash can cabinet).

This doesn't prove the Daily Show makes people apathetic, it proves that don't like the candidates that are provided.

Buzzzbee said...

Well put PatsBro. I believe this is what you would call a logical fallacy. People who watch the daily show don't vote, therefore, the daily show creates apathy.

We see these a lot in politics. It goes like this:

Iraq is a Muslim country or at the very least, a country full of Muslims, therefore, Iraq must support Al Qaeda.

Democrats support Universal Healthcare. Communists support Universal Healthcare, therefore, Democrats must be Communists.

Democrats do not support this war. This war is fought by soldiers, therefore, Democrats must not support our troops.

John Murtha doesn't support this war anymore. This war is fought by soldiers, therefore, John Murtha doesn't suppor...uh wait I don't think we can say that. Someone get Karl on the line, I don't think we can say this...

dadvocate said...

The study doesn't actually correlate apathy with viewers. It correlates cynicism. Of course, correlation does not necessarily imply causation. Maybe cynical people are more likely to watch the Daily Show.

The professors reach a little too far in their interpretation of the results and the news article misinterprets even further. I enjoy the Daily Show and find it amazingly insightful at times. I am rather cynical about politics. But I've been that way a long time and I have missed voting once in 35 years.