Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Funny Quotes

From the Blogs I Read.

restricts the rights of citizens who happen to be members of Congress
by Patsbrother, earlier today (for those of you who may not have read that far...).

As we saw in the USA/Italy game, the Italians go down with less coersion than a prom queen.
–SAWB RE: the World Cup, On the Sports Page.

Hey, it's better than burning embassies and beheading infidels.
DADvocate, concerning thugg life. He even provides a photo.

I told him he was my lightning bug because of how cute and cudley he is, and that I did not think guys like him existed anymore.
Overheard in Athens. I wonder what kind of man allows himself to be referred to as "lightining bug?"

Hillary: I know it was wrong, but it tasted so right.
From “real work conversations” over at Safe As Houses, who inadvertently gave me the hat tip to our finale:

Next time I'm bringing a can of paint. I mean, if we're going to own it we might as well maintain it.
Regarding University of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium. From The Georgia Sports blog.


liberalandproud said...

I guess I'll bring my clippers next time we play between the hedges. Go Vols!

S.A.W.B. said...

Might want to win here first sweetheart...

By the way, how's selling siding going for Casey "Iceman" Clausen?

liberalandproud said...

I thought I had a short memory. October 9, 2004 was not that long ago. I believe that was the date that marked the end of a certain canine team's home game winning streak. Check your stats.
As to Mr. Clausen, even Dan Marino's taken to selling stuff.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Please, we all know that Georgia fans do waaay more damage to their own stadium by beating Tennessee than Tennessee fans could ever do.

Last time they won just meant we had to hear "Rocky Top" a coupla hundred more times.