Monday, June 12, 2006

Global Shame

What happens "When Keepin' it Real Goes Wrong" instersects with "When The Internet Attacks?" A Case Study. (Rated PG-13 for language). In case you don't have the 30 minutes to read through this massive situation report (thought I highly recommend it), here's the summary.

Girl leaves her 'Sidekick' (a T-Mobile/AOL picture/phone thing that costs about $400) in a NYC cab. Her & associate, Evan, text & call said device asking for its return. They even offer a reward.

The folks who are in possession of device say yes, they have it but no, they won't be returning it. Finders, keepers et al. The folks who have it also begin using the device so that they can take pictures and access the internet. Evan says that if they don't return it, he will blog about it and send their pictures out online. They say, whatever!, probably thinking 'who reads the internet, anyways.'

The site should be approaching a million hits soon, and this Evan dude has had interviews with radio stations and other internet news have linked to the site. (I found it by reading hyper-liberal A La Gauche, so this hat tip goes to Lefty.) The folks who stole the device are saying this is harassment.

There's even a nifty sub-plot about NYC police bureaucracy (and its handling of petty crimes) as well as an inadvertent mention of the 'thorough' reporting tactics of the New York Times. But those appear towards the end of the page, round abouts the posts for June 10-12.

I hope this ain't a hoax, because 1) it is hilarious and 2) this is the proverbial 'little guy' getting back at both the bad guys and the system.


lagnsfit said...

That was great. It reminded me of a story I read about a PowerBook scam gone bad. It's also a long read but definitely worth it.

liberalandproud said...

I am riveted now. Five bucks says this will be "ripped from the headlines" by Law & Order next season.

liberalandproud said...

It's worth checking back. The losers who "found" the sidekick are suing the guy for harrassment. Unbelievable!

nikka said...

i imagine he'll get that pro bono lawyer he's requesting. the publicity alone would make it a good investment for the lawyer who accepts.