Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Guess Who

Our Representatives Continue to Fail Us

When history is written about these current times in America, there will undoubtedly be heated arguments about how bad/good a President George W. Bush has been. I, personally, don't think he's done a very good job, but that's my opinion and I have my reasons.

What I hope isn't confined to the dustbin of history, when that particular debate takes place, is that good or ill, George W. Bush has been President while we have had some of the most awful Congresses in this nation's history. With a few notable exceptions, this group of folks, Democrat & Republican, have not done us proud.

This is especially true for Louisiana, specifically New Orleans. Third Battle of New Orleans puts two of their Congressional personailites on blast. One Republican and one Democrat. 20 points if you can name them before reading more.

On CNN he told the world that on the issue of gay marriage: "I don't believe that there's an issue more important than this one. I think this debate is very healthy, and it's winning a lot of hearts and minds. I think we're going to show real progress." Wow, Mr. Vitter is obviously a fool. Maybe he needs to take a slow drive through Lakeview, Gentilly, MidCity, the Lower Ninth Ward and St. Bernard Parish again and rethink his priorities for his constituents.
That's the Republican (if you couldn't tell). Have you guessed who? Senator David Vitter.

The next one is real easy:
Although he has not yet been charged with any crime, Mr. Jefferson's actions give him the appearance of someone who is quite guilty. He is in the middle of a corruption scheme that has found him with $90,000 of cash in his freezer of his Washington home, FBI raids of both his houses in New Orleans and Washington, the use of National Guard troops to help him get belongings from his New Orleans' home immediately after Katrina, and has been a part of an FBI probe, including recorded conversations of bribes. Most recently the Justice Department raided his congressional office creating more publicity as other congressmen question the separation of congressional and executive powers. None of this is good for New Orleans. As a poweful congressmen on the House Ways and Means Committee, Jefferson has a tremendous amount of influence in providing assistance to the rebuidling of New Orleans. Unfortunately, another corrupt Louisiana politician is exactly what everyone outside of Louisiana expects from us. Furthermore, the Federal government must be asking how they can trust Louisiana politicians with recovery money. Will it all end up in Mr. Jefferson's freezer?
Can you name this man? Rep. William Jefferson, Democrat.

Maybe, just maybe, the stink from Washington is so bad that normal, everyday conservatives and liberals will start getting involved, participating in local and state parties and maybe even running for office. Even if it is the local School Board, this kind of behavior from our government - regardless of Party - can only be stopped in one way: us not letting it get that far.

UPDATE: 06/15/06 2:08pm: Apples and oranges maybe, but Right On Peachtree is definitely hanging out in the same orchard. Oh yeah, speaking of ROP, be sure to read this, too.


S.A.W.B. said...

I meant to post on the William Jefferson freezer party a couple of weeks ago, but, things got a little busy.

I'm still waiting for a quasi-reasonable explanation as to why he had $90k in his freezer, besides illustrating the 'cold, hard, cash' colloquialism...

bristolfrombrunswick said...

It ain't just Louisiana. Our own Johnny Isakkson (and I am probably spelling that wrong)has his own set of skewed priorities.

I had signed a petition against the gay marriage amendment and received a reply from the Senator yesterday. He said, in part:

"I am disappointed that the Senate refused to proceed with debate and to allow an up-or-down vote on the Marriage Protection Amendment. I believe it is important for the sanctity of marriage and for the laws of this country that we have a seamless definition of marriage, and the only way to do that is to establish one in the Constitution."

Eh, Johnny, ever heard of health care, Iraq, education, the deficit, oversight of a lunatic President?

At least he did state his stand. My mail from Chambliss is usually a mealy-mouthed statement about reviewing the matter and "be assured, little lady, that I know best."

The whole damn bunch, with one or two exceptions, needs to be retired!

liberalandproud said...

I know exactly what you mean about responses from our senators. Any response I've gotten has just been a regurgitation of Bush press conferences. Still, I sure am glad that Jefferson's not from GA. Cynthia McKinney is embarassing enough! Then again, neither of those two have been indicted yet, right? According to the 'pubs, a lack of criminal indictment is evidence of innocence (see: Rove).

Dante said...

L&p, I missed the part where any Republicans claimed "lack of criminal indictment is evidence of innocence." I'd be interested to see how you came up with that conclusion given the arguments in the Rove post.

Now let's be honest here. What McKinney did was pretty small potatoes. The only reason anyone is up in arms about it is that the average Joe would've been arrested and charged over it. She's probably going to get treatment here that you and I would not get given the situation but I'm happy enough knowing that I'll never be in that situation (unless I'm investigating a guy who has offered to pay for me to kill him and I run into some crooked cops along the way).

Now Jefferson on the other hand is pending an investigation where $90k in cash has already been found in his freezer and his office has been ransacked for evidence. These things make it not look so good for Jefferson. From what I remember, the most Rove went through was a questioning. That hardly paints the same picture of possible guilt.

At the same time though, the investigation for Jefferson is still going on. If he is found innocent of the charges that will almost certainly be brought against him (The Feds wouldn't be going through all this trouble if they weren't planning on charging him with something.), then he is innocent as far as I am concerned.

RightOnPeachtree said...

Thanks for the link to ROP, Patrick.

I've been concerned that my recent comments on Jack Kingston's blog might get me banned from there. They haven't been profane or hateful, but they've been brutally honest. I probably should post one or two "carrot" comments to offset my recent "stick" comments -- just to get the balance right.

I like Jack Kingston's positions on most issues. Generally, he's my kind of conservative. Some things just set me off, though (like DeLay and lobbyists and illegal immigration). I give Jack Kingston huge props, though, for (1) blogging, and (2) opening comments. I don't know if ANYONE else has the courage or the foresight to do that. He really is reaching "outside of the bubble" of DC. That kind of behavior should be rewarded and encouraged, IMO.

Patrick Armstrong said...

I don't think you need to post any carrots at all. One thing that makes Jack's blog one of the best political blogs on the internet is both the fact that the staff doesn't edit comments with too heavy a hand, and that those who disagree who are comment with disagreement are being pretty darn respectful in the way they do it. (At least the ones I've read) If more online debate was like that, I'd bet we'd be in much better shape.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan of Jack's politics, but his blog is hands down one of the best.