Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

I got the Pops a fifth of Knob Creek Straight Bourbon whiskey. It apparently arrived just in time, because his Gentleman Jack was just about finished. The giving of whiskey for such occasions has become sort of a tradition among my family (and friends). It came about because, what else can I get my Pops that he will derive such enjoyment from? He has all the tools he needs for his garden & yard, power tools would kill him, anything for the house would be (in reality) a present for my Mom, any electronic device would raise his blood pressure, and he's a better cook than me at this point.

And unlike some folks, my Father knows how to enjoy a good glass of bourbon. Sort of a nod to my father and my father's father. And that makes the decision easy.

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Dante said...

I bought my Dad a Georgia hat. He works outside and goes through about 4 hats a year. I told him that I noticed he'd been wearing his Texas hat a lot lately so something must be wrong with his old Georgia hat.

"my Father knows how to enjoy a good glass of bourbon."

So why'd you buy him Knob Creek? (That's just a little joke, by the way.) I actually like Gentleman Jack better myself which is interesting because I'm not a big fan of regular Jack Daniels. Then again, for while you could get a fifth of Gentleman Jack at Sam's Club for $12. No, I didn't just mistype. I still kick myself for not going in there and dropping a few hundred on their entire stock of it. It's not like it would've went bad.