Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Primary Sources

Since we were talking about the Magazine Street Situation earlier (I posted an update if you haven't scrolled down yet), I thought I'd bring up something else about New Orleans, specifically related to the effect citizen journalism is having on the main stream.

I read over at Confederacy of Dunces, USA that Columbia is using the New Orleans blogs as primary documents in a journalism study. (Yes, that Columbia.) I clicked over, looked around, and read some of the posts that they were linking to as 'selected posts.' Lot of stuff there. but more on that later.

Dangerblond makes note of nationally read First-Draft giving props to the New Orleans blogger community. Good read there, too.

I think about this citizen journalism stuff, made possible by the internet and technology in general, and how it is truly making up for the hysteria and editorial mayhem that has pretty much defined the MainStream Media since the Clinton Impeachment. I wonder where journalism will go from here.

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